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Added by JoelHicks - 24 Oct 2012
I had a fantastic shoot with Marc for a major hunting clothing brand at a stunning 2,500 acre estate yesterday. A great photographer and clearly passionate about his work, Marc was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. The shoot flew by in no time at all, and he worked extremely hard to get some stunning images in what were very testing weather conditions. Entertaining behind the lens, Marc had a storey to share or a joke to tell whenever spirits dipped - simply a gem of a guy and a brilliant artist.
Added by sofiarae - 30 March 2012
Ive worked with Mark lots of times now..Hes great fun ,full of ideas & very creative..he is a true gent...Look forward to the results,as very different to what i shoot these days...very fashion style...loved it... thanks :)
Added by brightonblonde - 22 March 2012
Had my first shoot with Marc today in Surbiton. He is a lovely warm and friendly guy and a very professional photographer. Looking forward to seeing the final results :) Emma Louise X
Added by B_saunders1 - 24 Aug 2011
Had my shoot with marc today and it was great, he was very helpful to me and made me feel very relaxed. He was also very paitent with me and i would highly recommend him. Thanks marc
Added by AnnetteF - 9 Feb 2011
Some really great shots just received from a shoot with Marc in January... Recommended. Thanks Marc!
Added by Moira - 23 Nov 2010
Had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Marc not only once, but twice within a week and couldn't have asked for more. A true artist with bags of experience and a fantastic eye for detail, and a lovely person on top of that. Highly recommended, what else!
Added by yem_anjah - 31 May 2010
simply loved our second shoot what a great location you are great photographer with a great conceptual artistic mind ! I just love you Marc !!! cant wait for the cd lol
Added by Jazz7 - 17 March 2010
I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Marc and boy i enjoyed!,he has some great ideas and is very easy to work with and makes you feel comfortable.I am definately looking forward to collaborating with him and as the summer draws nearer shooting with him galore!Thankyou Marc.Jazz-may x
Added by AmandaJane - 9 March 2010
I am not sure where to begin. Marc is inspirational, interesting and damn good! We spent a wonderful Sunday together creating something beautiful! I have worked in the industry for a long time and Marc is one of those people i occasionally come across who is not just amazingly professional, but also incredibly warm and friendly. I was at ease to strip off completely pretty much as soon as i got through the door and with a supply of coffee and chocolate i was happy... A fantastic lunch by the river kept me going and we talked about just about everything. Marc is exactly what i look for in a photographer and a friend and i know that we will be in touch for many many years to come!
Added by AlexB - 1 March 2010
I had a long shoot with Marc yesterday. I enjoyed working with him and hopefully we will work together again. We pushed some of my limits but gently, discarding what did not work for either of us. As a model, I have a very distinctive look. As soon as we started shooting Marc knew what would work for me and the shoot went from being just a morning one to an all day shoot - another model cancelled and I was free to take her slot. Some of the pictures taken are absolutely stunning, I saw them when Marc downloaded them on his laptop and I look forward to receiving them. I would definitely recommend Marc to any model.
Added by Jamie11 - 17 Jan 2010
I have recently had a location shoot with Marc and despite the harsh weather conditions we had an extremely productive and enjoyable time. Marc's sheer enthusiasm really is second to none and to any model, aspiring or professional, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Not only is he a great guy but an exceptional photographer. I cannot wait to shoot again this year.
Added by Hannahmodel - 21 Dec 2009
Marc was a fantastic tog to work with, the most enjoyable shoot i have had , his ideas were creative and was willing to try new ideas. I would highly recommend him to any model who wants great shots !. I would love to work with him again , marc is such a professional at what he does . Thankyou and look forward to working with you again Hx
Added by PlatinumRoxx - 18 Dec 2009
I had the most amazing shoot with Marc yesterday! Wow I am aching in all kinds of places today lol, that shoot was like an all day work out. Marc is very encouraging and only wants to get the best out of you for that perfect shot! It was such an enjoyable day and I have gathered many tips from Marc to help me along the road of modelling. I am so great ful to have had this shoot, I feel very honered as Marc is an exeptional photographer! If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to have a shoot with him, DO NOT TURN IT DOWN!
Added by La_ - 16 Dec 2009
Had a fantastic shoot with Marc earlier this week: he's incredibly energetic, passionate about what he does and is very much the photographer-- even on a coffee break, he's never far from his camera. He's constantly looking around for new inspiration, trying out different angles and lighting, encouraging the model to really explore the character, and most importantly, he's constantly striving to create and capture really different images. Also, he's a fascinating man, very easy and relaxed to work with and I enjoyed the shoot immensely-- very much looking forward to working together again!
Added by Ellamae10 - 30 Nov 2009
I had a location shoot with Marc yesterday, and i can say with all honesty that it is one of my favourite shoots to date, and will forever stay that way. Not only is Marc an absolutely outstanding photographer - his artistic vision, his previous accolades, his composition, framing, lighting and direction - but he is absolutely outstanding as a person. He is without a doubt one of the nicest/kindest/most generous people you will meet in the industry (and indeed in life as a whole), and you honestly will achieve a set of images that are second to none. I very highly recommend Marc to all models - aspiring or fully professional - working with Marc is NOT an opportunity that you want to miss out on. Thank you so much again Marc... It was such a pleasure and i cannot wait for our next shoot together!
Added by Electrica - 22 June 2010
Had a 2nd shoot with Marc on Sunday...Even better than 1st... He is a Great, friendly, warm guy, knows what looking for in the shoot...This guy is going places... Look forward to our nxt shoot... Thanks Electrica
Added by Catherine79 - 29 Sep 2009
Had a shoot with Marc on Sunday which was fabulous. Excellent vision and direction and we got some really unusual, striking shots. Very passionate about his work with huge energy and personality. Can't wait to see the finished products!! Catherine xx
Added by Rodnok1 - 21 Sep 2009
I had a shoot with Mark on saturday at a group shoot, Mark knows exactly what he wants and is very keen. Hopefully we will do another shoot soon. Highly recommended. Thankyou Mark.
Added by Olaa - 5 July 2009
It was a great experience to work with Marc..Very creative..diffrent ideas,styles..We still make a new ideas..And he's one of my favourite photographers..Olaa
Added by Fire_Fly - 21 June 2009
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His third website is about to be launched … along with is his 5th book. Meanwhile, if you are interested in commissioning him or purchasing his work, please simply contact him either on here, or via his extensive gallery at

Of growing international repute, Marc Wainwright is focussed on beautiful boudoir and fine fashion photography for discreet and discerning clients. He enjoys and excels with the more creative types of challenge, producing high quality images that often have a memorable, edgy and much valued timeless quality.

An interesting interview of him by Runway Passport can be found at:

His work has been exhibited at the TestBed1 Gallery in Battersea for London Fashion Week, the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington, and the O3 Gallery in Oxford as part of Oxford Fashion Week. Already scheduled for 3 exhibitions this year, he is currently putting together an Exhibition called ‘The Look’ for an Italian curator to be show this summer in Italy, where he also runs a Masterclass for photographers called The Nude in Landscape & Villas of Liguria.

BBC TV's documentary ‘Escape From The World’s Most Dangerous Place’ broadcast in April also showed some of his work.

Other members wainwrightm has worked with

Maddy is really great to work with, so much so I throughly enjoyed yesterdays shoot ... enabling me to capture stunning images across a wide range with ease. I was also particularly impressed with her sense of fun, naughtyness/freedom, inventiveness and joy that really shows through in the images ultimately captured. It makes all the difference doesn't it. Togs you'll like her. Enjoy!
Right from the moment we started to exchange emails I knew Ellamae had something extra special about her. And she has. The moment she looks you in the eyes ..and smiles knowingly.. you feel her beauty penetrate your soul. She is captivating. She is palpably sexy. She is sheer magic. She will put a spell on you. Her enthusiasm meant we met absolutely on time despite the cold, wind and driving rain to shoot in a massive derelict complex that is to be demolished shortly. Her joy at what we found as we explored the ruins and exploited its offerings, just gave the shoot that extra lift. The way she engages you and works with you to find shots has all the hallmarks of a high end professional model, thankfully without the attitude. We just sparked off each other. She has such a lovely personality too, even though we’d only just met, somehow I felt we’d know each other all our lives. She was so free and easy to work with too, she’s like a breath of fresh air. After the shoot we piled down the pub in a nearby village and looked through the shots. Oh God, the shots are just divine! Thank you Ellamae. Thank you. and Yes, I do look forward to working with you again, and again.
Inpriational, Creative, Magic - what fun to work with! Will mount trees (without be asked to) even in the freezing cold - Aaaagh! Highly recommended!
Jay is special. She is rare. So much so, we worked together twice at the Hastings Group Shoot last weekend. She is the embodyment of a perfection that stuns. Every image of her always stands out. Whats more she is a truely lovely, warm and creative person to work with. I simply can't recommed her highly enough. Thanks Jay.
Wow what a find Togs! Unbelievably, in the space of just 3 hours, between us Pandora and I created a whole series of Killer Shots that simply cry out for attention! Shes and absolute pleasure to work with ... helps the creative process and gives her all. You'd better start queing, she's gonna be a stylesetter.
Alex is responsible for one of the best photos I have ever taken and has been key to producing superlative shots time and time again. She radiates a lithe and perfect beauty. She is absolutly lovely to work with, so much so we have worked together on numerous occasions now, all over the place, and each time she brings something fresh and new, her intelligent creativety and her tinkling of joy to the party. Togs, you will love her!
......................................................... TOGS WARNING - THIS MODEL CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH. She is a every togs worse nightmare. Neither her photos, nor her port description fit the reality of the person. She is overweght, unattractive, and lacks any sence of humour, self-righteous and moans about everything. Togs, you would be foolish to ever go near this model unless with a bargepole.
Skye's wonderful to work with. She is the emitome of beauty that radiates a presence that transends beyond the shoot.
Lottie is an absolute dream to work with. She has the right balance of being creative and inventive thinking about how she will look in front of the camera. I'm well pleased with the photos that between us we captured, some of which are simply spot on and have that elusive timeless quality that only the best models can help you find. A natural. I've worked with her on a couple of occasions now and love her to bits!
Moira is an absolute gem. We took the opportunity to shoot not once, but twice last week. It was an absolute delight to work with such a charming, shapely, attractive, creative and intelligent presence who explores the most amazing poses with you. Perfect. Whats more she proved herself to be a good communicator, adaptable and utterly reliable. Throughly recommended. Marc
A terrific model and a lovely person, absolutely wonderful to work with. We had great fun thoughout the shoot - she gave absolutely tremendous images in all sorts of settings - such versatility. Thanks Mersades. Look forward to working with you again and again and again!
Added by wainwrightm on Tuesday, December 22, 2009, shoot arranged for December 2009 There are models, and there are tremendous models. Hannah, is even better, she is utterly fantastic! Yesterday, between us, we created some of the most remarkable images I've ever taken! That is entirely due to Hannah (not me) and her enjoyement and the sheer intelligence of her approach and her ability to spark off the tog she's working with. She loves being in front of the camera. She comes alive in the most remarkable way. She is a rare and beautiful flower, that for the duration of your shoot will flower and reveal images you hadn't ever dreamed of. As she herself says "I believe that a shoot should not just be professional but enjoyable too, its great to have good communication and friendship with the people you work with, and I strive to keep my photographers wanting to work with me on a constant basis." You can't get better than that. We will both, work together again and again. Thanks Hannah, I feel privalaged to have met you. Marc
Jamie, is a natural, stylish, striking and superbe male model, who is garanteed to turn chick's heads. He has just the right looks, build and flexibility for fashion, editorial and major advert shoots. I expect to see him appearing on the covers of mags both here and abroad over the next few years. What's more he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Can't recommend him highly enough. Thanks for a great shoot Jamie. Marc
I noticed Olly's outstanding shot of Ewelina and it struck a chord. She's new, she's lovely to shoot, she's fun to be with, she's bright to talk with, and she's utterly tireless - she just loves being there infront of the camera! Nothing is too much. She will explore ideas and help to make sure you get great results. Definitely Recommended.
You can’t beat personal recommendations. Jazz7 got in touch as a result of working with a model I happened to have had shoot with the month before. It took us another 3 months before we finally got together. And when we did … it was like lighting the blue touch paper … we went bang! It was immediate. We just clicked. Jazz is an inspirational beauty. Both clothed or completely nude, she is devine. She is unbelievably sexy. So watch out guys… there’s going to be competition in town. Yes Jazz I’m certainly up for collaboration and shoots with you galore! What a dream combination... Thank you. Marc x
LA is Wow! Yes: She's beautiful. She's stricking. She's stylish. She looks really good. and she's something else! What's more she's a great communicator, has trained in drama, is wonderfully creative, willing to help explore ideas and develop concepts and has an energy and enthusasm that comes across in all she does. So much so she's a real pleasure and great fun to work with. She even helped carry a load of clobber to my car. You bet I'll be choosing to shoot with her a lot more. Thanks for a great Bladerunner shoot LA, warm regards Marc xx
Electrica, is a lovely, lovely model. She looks superbe. She has a body to die for. She is full of enthusiasm and energy. She really does put her all into a shoot. What's more she's great fun and boy did we have some laughs! As a result we got some great shots. She's also 100% reliable and on time. She comes with everything and indeed that little bit more. Togs, you'd better join the queue. This lady aims to please, and please she does. Delightful. A pleasure, Thanks Marc xx
Togs be warned… you will absolutely be guaranteed to love this lady! She is God’s gift to you. The moment you meet her you will melt. She’s class. She’s a delight. A completely natural exhibitionist, easy to work with, sexy and fantastic fun. We spent a wonderful Sunday together creating something special, something rare, something sublime, something beautiful. I’ve worked in the industry for a long time and Amanda is one of those models I occasionally come across who is not just amazingly professional, but also incredibly warm and friendly. She put me at ease by stripping off pretty much as soon as she came in the door. Supply her with coffee and chocolate and she begins to purr. She focuses her sensual body and mind into making sure she gives you the poses you have always dreamt of… and yet has the skill and patience of a Saint while you adjust ‘a little this and a little that’. She is also absolutely fascinating; and as a result mid session, we found ourselves talking openly about just about everything over lunch by the river. Amanda is exactly what I look for in a model and a friend and somehow I know that we will be in touch for many, many years to come! Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable shoot Amanda. I feel it’s a great privilege to work with you. You are really something. Big Hug Marc ........................................................
AlexB is known as one of the most experienced nude models in the UK. So in preparation for a number of potential shoots we scheduled in a short session last Sunday Morning to explore how we would get on. She turned out to exceed my expectations in every way. She is perfectly beautiful. Her strong sensual sexuality flows. She has an elegance of body and mind and spirit that makes you want to adore her. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but some of the images we began to produce proved to be exceptional. So much so that when my afternoon session was unexpectedly cancelled we both wanted to extend our session….. and eventually finished, both utterly drained yet content round 6:30pm! Alex, I feel it is a privilege to work with you. It would give me great pleasure to work with you more and more. You have the makings of a muse. Marc x
Roseblade has a remarkable presence. She is strickingly beautiful, lithe and radiates an elgance that reminds me of Marie Helvin of David Bailey fame. She exudes enegy, exploration and creative enthusiam to shoot. Whats more she is just lovely to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough.
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