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Refund Policy

Your payments with Purestorm.com are for the periods specified for the option that you signed up for, either monthly or yearly. If your account is not terminated for any reason then it is automatically renewed for the period on the closest date to your agreeing to its terms (i.e. the date in the month you made your application).

If you wish to terminate your account you should do this at least 14 days before the renewal date of your account with us. If you fail to do it within 7 working days of the date your account is automatically renewed then you shall become liable for the next payment in full.

If you have paid for a yearly subscription and you wish to terminate your account before the year is up then you are entitled to a refund for the part of the remaining year that you have paid for, you can claim this by sending an email to accounts@purestorm.com. Your refund will be credited to the card you paid with.

If we terminate your account for any reason in accordance with our terms and conditions of use we will not return the fee of the current period. You will not be charged subsequently.