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Added by MarkDobson - 17 March 2010
This guy is THE man to work with. We had an idea for a shoot back in Feb and come the day Nick had turned the idea on it's side and inside out, needless to say we had an incredible fun afternoon shooting with a camera and pretend shooting with an authentic Russian anti plane gun! All with circus clown regalia on. I would use this guy anytime he has a wierd and wonderfull idea, The lucky bag of models .. bring it on Tattoo23!
Added by Candy_Blossom - 15 March 2010
Working with Nick is lots of fun, we couldn't stay in "charicter" very long without bursting into laughter. However we did get great results an I have worked with him a second time in August 2009 and again had a great shoot with him. I look forward in working with him again and I highly recomend him, he's very professional =D <3 x
Added by Meadfairy - 12 Nov 2009
Had a great shoot with Nick for a clothing designer. Great guy, fun and easy to work with. Comes up with great ideas and gets great results. Fab model to work with! Highly recommend! :)
Added by M_Jane - 24 Sep 2009
Worked with Nick on a last minute invite.Was well worth the drive to Lincoln.. What a man there isnt much i can add to what others havent already said but if u have a chance to work with Nick never pass it up. He is so funny but also professional and his concepts will blow you away :).. Thanks Nick for the opportunity cant wait to shoot round 2 xx
Added by angel_bites - 17 Sep 2009
nick an absolutely fantastic bloke to work with. Some very twisted idea's loved it :)
Added by ShaneHolliday - 10 Sep 2009
Hey what a guy, been a big fan of his for a while now, and i finally plucked up the courage to message him after seeing this on his profile as it made me laugh so f****** hard "* Note to the “6 pack male models” * and 1 and 2 and 3 and urgh! Push! C’mon one more sit-up! 1 more rep! You guys make me happy inside smile Keep cruising, you aint ready for this *pats on head* smiles" So i just knew we had to do a shoot, We got some great shots too. Awesome afternoon looking forward to the hotsnapz shots...... TBC......
Added by adi_dewey - 11 July 2009
I've wanted to work with Nick for ages and he didnt dissapoint. He came with the worlds largest amount of props, completely prepared and on time. We had a great shoot with loads of fun and I cant wait to work with again. Highly recommended!!
Added by asylumseventy7 - 1 July 2009
I really cant recoment Nick (Tattoo23) enough! he has to be the most dedicated, enthusiastic, inspiring guy Iv ever met let alone had the pleasure of shooting! Ive done 2 main shoots with him and a couple of smaller shots too. I already have lots more in the pipeline! get some Tattoo23 maddness in your port! everyone should have some insanity and you really wont find anyone better than Nick! BOOK HIM ASAP! thanks for the fun Nick! cant wait till the next one :D M
Added by hovephotoman - 5 April 2009
Working with tattoo23 gives you a full on ejaculation of inspiration, with enough ideas to drive the insane mad!!! Just had a 2 day shoot but it's just not long enough as there are so many things you want to do and can do with this guy. Absolutely amazing bloke and fantastic to work with, produced some stunningly mental shots I can't wait for the next shoot. If there is anyone out there that hasn't yet been 'tattooed', get on it, you won't want to look back!
Added by Alexa_star - 10 Jan 2009
Nick is the first male model who i have done a shoot with and i thought they guy was fantastic! Really easy to work with and full of ideas. WIll be working with him again in the future and would defo recommend him to anyone. Brilliant ;-)
Added by Acid - 26 Dec 2008
Had a shoot with Tattoo23 with some fantastic images. Had a wicked time and would highly recommend to work with, lovely guy and very creative mod! Hope to work with again soon as we both have a very warped minds :D Acid xx
Added by Faymagenta - 21 Dec 2008
the shoot was sooooooo you are funny an sexy cant wate for the next shoto, the piks are fab n you look so good!! thanx babe xxxx
Added by poshtoni - 31 Oct 2008
worked with nick today hes a great guy. hes fun to work with and very professional. had a great laugh with him, would reccommend him to anyone. cant wait for the next shoot. toni xxxxx
Added by Alivya - 4 Sep 2008
Nick is a great guy, as anyone who has met him will tell you! very funny and easy going, as well as professional, hes definately recommended, and not just by me :) xo
Added by DylanArnold - 19 Aug 2008
I worked with Nick last week, he was a great communicator, brought loads of props, was easy to get along with, great fun and was up for anything. He looked fantastic on camera and was one of the best models I have ever worked with. I love the photos
Added by PyrettaBlaze - 12 Aug 2008
Worked with nick again today, apart from being a severe panty theif! (with sheep on them may I add!) he kicked my bum with his modelling and waved his do dah in my face ;) Love this guy, BOOK HIM
Added by macjw2 - 12 Aug 2008
Had a shoot with Nick last month. Wonderful model, terrific look, knows what makes a good image and just a pleasure to work with. Can't wait to work with him again.
Added by truespirit - 6 Aug 2008
Brillian shoot, very professional and happy to wait as i adjusted the set to meet my creative wim.. thanks casanova ;)
Added by Pixi - 31 July 2008
Nick is such a sweetheart even though he has a very wacky side to him. loved working with him can't wait for the next shoot. cheers babe xxx
Added by NUTMEG_ - 29 July 2008
seriously seriously good fun! very easy to work with, amazing to be around and generally a great person. can't wait to work with him again, something wierd and wonderful i hope :) xxx
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Stats for tattoo23

Skin Color
161lbs (73kg) (11.5st)
Hair Color
Hair Length
71in (5' 11") (180cm)
Shoe Size
United States, New York
Model, Male, 34
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12 Dec 2012
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23 April 2008
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25 Aug 2011
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* Note to the err, misconceptionall “beautiful” females ;)* Hey great body and nice silicone boobies and designer vagina baby, keep cruising I aint for you. Seriously though, very beau…. Shit where’s my purse? :0

* Note to the “6 pack male models” * and 1 and 2 and 3 and urgh! Push! C’mon one more sit-up! 1 more rep! You guys make me chuckle :) Keep cruising, you aint ready for this *pats on head* :)

* Note to the alternative females out there * You rock you rock you rock! :)

* Note to the alternative males out there* Awww man you kick ass! Keep this shit going! :)

From the insignificant ash’s of a life that once was, comes tattoo23, a persona that knows no limits, twists boundaries and cross’s lines yet to be made and seen. My only passion is a mix of complete shock and utter awe. What you once thought was important in life now isn’t, comfort zones don’t apply, limitations are meaningless. I live to fulfil the unrealised dreams, the sick drunken thoughts and drug induced fantasies that only the brave few dare to humour and indulge in. Step up or back off!

If you hesitate for a second, take a moment to ponder, you’re not ready. Your darkest secrets and dirtiest desires make up my fantasy’s and puts a smile on my face, I feed off your regrets, your “oh I wish id’ve shot this” tattoo23 shoots. Implications and fear don’t exist any more; in this life I'm one of 2 things, a dying angel or living devil, your best friend or worst nightmare. I’m blessed with a curse of realisation, I continuously take my deepest pain heartache and misery and turn it into a beautifully formed cataclysmic butterfly, I live for the violent changes in life, I am tattoo23, welcome to my world....

* Please feel free to contact photographers and models i've worked with for references. References for photographers and models ive worked with can also be provided. *

,My tattoo's include - Full right sleeve/chest/side maori peice, full back peice - central tribal design with a dragon either side. Half left sleeve - plant/insect hybrid. Left ribs and left calf - both animal/gargoyle totum poles. Tribal over my naval, 'the end' on the left side of my chest plus several smaller peices of art, including 3 black stars on my left wrist and "23" on the back of my neck.

My Piercings include - Stretched lobes - 24mm (so far) Tongue, naval, PA (10mm ring) and 2 in my sack.

Please feel free to get in touch, all ideas considered, the crazier & weirder the better, and the more likely I am to say yes! :)

**** tattoo23 is officially in NYC & taking bookings! :D ****

** Please note this is no longer my primary portfolio! For more images please visit the following sites! & **

**** Agencies ****


Dark Arts Alternative Modelling Agency - /

flirt-pr -

** Please feel free to contact me directly for work as these are non-exclusive signings :D ****

** Goodyear : Arizona, USA 8th- 28th October '08 **
** Laughlin : Nevada, USA, 16-19th October '08 **
** Tours : France, Europe, Jan 31st - 3rd Feb '09 **
** Brighton : England, April 2nd/3rd '09 **
** Brighton: England, May 23rd-26th '09 **
** Glasgow : Scotland, July 18th-21st '09 **
** USA : Arizona & Vegas, Oct 20th - Nov 8th '09 **
** USA : Arizona & Vegas, Jan 22nd - Feb 8th '10 **
** UK : Northampton, April 17th - April 18th '10 **
** UK : Cardiff, August 30th - September 1st '10 **
** USA : Arizona & Vegas, November 15th - December 1st '10 **

**** Film makers ****

** "The tattoo23 Experience" **

Djonny Chen * *

**** International shoots ****

*** France ***

** Savigny Sur Braye**

Nus Masculins - Tog * *
katzengruber - Tog * *

*** America ***

** Tuscon, Arizona **

Creatista - Tog * *
Chrissy Taylor - Mod * *

** Phoenix, Arizona **

Sailor Susie - Mod * *
Laurel Rae - Mod * *
Martin Hazine - Tog * *
Rachel Bush - MUA * *
jesse paulk - Tog * *
Mannon Pictures - Tog * *
Nikki Sian - Mod * *
kandyisbadass - Mod * *
Kandy Face - MUA * *
Bradley Thornber Photo - Tog * *
Closet Photography - Tog * *
Holly_Homicide - Mod * *

** Goodyear, Arizona **

MissPredator - Mod * *
Deee-Liteful Images - Tog * *
Rachel Elizabeth PHX - Stylist * *
StinaMUA - MUA * *
Tanya Duquette - Mod * *
Laurel Aslaksen - Mod * *
2Life Photography - Tog * *
Jessica June - Mod * *
As You Wish - Tog * *
I Made It Up - MUA * *
Bindi Baby - Mod * *
Harold Cooks - Tog * *

** Las Vegas, Nevada **

Simply J Photography * *
amy banks - Mod * *
FelixGPhotography - Tog * *
Rhiannon Rimbey - Mod * *

**** Worked with : Purestorm – Photographers :- ****

AllanR * *
Marshon * *
Aviaandy * *
sdab11 * *
Krysy * *
Tracey * *

**** Worked with : Purestorm – Models :- ****

angel_bites * *
Tallulah * *
Emma_bun * *
lubutdntouch * *

Worked with : Modelmayhem – Photographers :- ****

Helena Eloise * *
Nocternal Artist shoots * *
Draconian Artworks * *
big radart * *
Pandoras box photography * *
Matthew Wagg * *
Mark Dobson Photography * *
Shannon Louise * *
shaunjoyce * *
JohnPhotoWilson * *
Crippen * *
Rozz MissStyk Williams * *
Bigoffroader * *
Ofthenight * *
Razorchild Photography * *
adi dewey * *
E102_Photography * *
ASYLUMseventy7 * *
Positive ID Photography * *
Kath Finch * *
hovephotoman* *
Orca_Photography * *
Rowe Photographic * *
Marcus_green * *
Rose Photographer * *
Si Vickers * *
Charles Boglington * *
Vapour Trail * *
GLASSdarkly * *
adamrhoades photography * *
capturedbystars * *
Elizabeth Chiyoko * *
Dylan Arnold * *
John MrFarlane * *
John McIntire * *
Adam Speedie * *
True Spirit Photography * *
carboncruisers * *
ScorpianLipsPhotography * *
kate Kelly * *
Chubs * *
Horrorbubble Imagery * *

**** Worked with : Modelmayhem – Models :- ****

Knuckle-head * *
Ayla Sky * *
BeautyInTheBreakdown * *
Seressa * *
Aeval Fyre * *
Gypsy Rhodes * *
Emma Alicia * *
Miss Plastik * *
Lolly pop * *
Pixie V * *
Laura Shipman * *
Avess * *
Sweetest Destiny * *
Holly Hell * *
mandamooch * *
Mimi Demure * *
Sara-Lou * *
bekinewrick * *
Shane Holliday * *
Halo Haynes * *
_Elizabeth_ * *
Miz Minx * *
sugar_cain * *
Holly D - fetish model * *
Doll Facee * *
syntheticdrkness * *
Toxicara * *
Miss Lily Stark * *
Katie Fyrefly * *
Demari Vi Syth * / *
Victoria Louise * *
Jenivive * *
Madison Flint * *
Zoe Leigh * *
chelfb * *
Alexa_star * *
cherry keehner * *
Pobb * *
Secret Suicide * *
Acid_ * *
Beautiful-Disgrace * *
Carl Riot * *
D-Kye * *
Helene Atsuko * *
Poshtoni * *
ExplicitB * *
Liquid Angel * *
Alivya01 * *
Pyretta Blaze * *
star pixi * *
Dani_girl * *
Janey1 * *
Lilly_Anne * *
vampiricmonkey *

*** Worked with, Net-Model :- ****

Stephen Lowery * … p;linking= *
Louise sadowyj (Tog) - * *

**** Worked with : Myspace – Togs :- ****

Christopher J O'Brien * *

**** Wardrobe Stylist's worked with ****

Lovechild Boudoir * *
Airy Fairy -

**** MUA's worked with ****

Emily Pease * *
NickyHaydenMUA * *
sophia austen-meek * *
Emma Buck … =752994809

**** Dates free :- ****

* Please enquire for free dates *

* Shoot dates are mainly Monday/Tuedays, will however travel during the week for the right assignment *

**** tattoo23 rates ****

Please contact me for rates! :D

* TF* at my discretion and of benefit only*
* Travel expenses must be covered *

**** Publications ****

* Vince Hemingson's "tattoo design directory - The Essential Reference For Body Art" *

* tattoo23 - The Bliss interview - … 2cecc362e9 *

* *

* - 2009 Calender, December *

* Alt fashion magazine, September '08 Edition *

**** Advertisements/Conventions ****

* Advert for Alienskin clothing, Convergence14, Texas - US - / *
* The Oasis - Birmingham *

**** ****
**** ****
**** ****
**** ****
**** ****

Other members tattoo23 has worked with

Round 4 just done lol love every image this guy produces for me. More sick and twisted ideas to shoot... wellies and helium! :)
After a 2 day shoot with hovemanphotography I have this to say...... ahum...... filth filth filth & raving loony! This guy is an evil genius! Fucking fantastic tog, awesome bloke and gracious host. Loved every second & the images we produced are pant creamingly smashing! :) Round 2 allready cocked & loaded can I get a whoop whoop!? Awoooooooooga ;)
Had a location shoot woth Chris today, very professional to work with, definately one to look out for in the future, well played & keep up the good work :) Nick
Nutmeg is amazing to work with! Completely nuts, brilliant to be around and very professional, fantastic pose and expression work, had such a laugh, produced some great shots and cant wait to work with her again soon, thankx babe :) xXx
Pixi is an angel to work with, beautiful, fantastic model and produces amazing images, will be working with again hopefully very soon, thankx again babe :) xXx
2nd 2 day shoot with the incredible PyrettaBlaze and what can I say Apart from wow! Love working with Pyretta and love the amazing images we produce, cannot highly recommend enough! You’re a true star hunni xXx
Worked with Toni yesterday, fantastic to work with and very comfortable in what she does, certainly acheived what we set out to do & definately one to book! Thankx for a great shoot :) x
Cancelled twice, 1st time very short notice, literally 5 minutes! 2nd scheduled shoot, no contact at all & no show.
First shoot with Lilly_Anne, never laughed so much and the shoot was brilliant, very hard worker. Ankle/wrist restraints to squeaky rubber chicken! Brilliant :)
Bug porn? always good! lol Unprofessional and uncooperative, spent half the time either on her phone or taking piss out of the tog!
Had a shoot with John McIntire today, got the shots we were both after and looking forward to working with him again.
Manda is stunning model to work with, very professional and easy to work with, contributes very well, a definate must! :D x
2-day location with Si, wicked tog and top bloke, works hard and had such a laugh. Produced both sensual and freaky images. Midnight, raining, middle of field, masks tutu's and straight jackets, so when’s round 2 fella? ;)
Second shoot with Mark & a pleasure to work with, very professional & had images back within 48hours! No hesitation in working with Mark again! Thanks again fella :D
Had a fantastic shoot with Zoe, not only absolutely stunning but a fantastic model, needs no direction & works extremely hard, cant recommend booking Zoe enough! :) x
My shoot with Vampiricmonkey was well worth the wait! She’s an absolute loony and fantastic model to work with! If you haven’t worked with her before then do so! Cannot recommend her enough! Thankx for an awesome shoot hunni :) xXx
Tracey's photo shop work is fantastic! Love what she does and cant wait for next shoot, thankx hunni :) xXx
Fantastic tog to work with, definately one to book & cant wait for next shoot, thankx Sj :) xXx
Ahhhh man what can I say about Shane?! This guy is absolutely freakin awesome! Loved working with him & cant wait to collab again :) Watch this space for the results of our 1st collab folks! ;)
Amazing tog, very professional & patient. Extremely knowledgeable and fantastic to work with, looking forward to the pics & working with Steve again soon.
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