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Username: paulsstudio ID: 129420 Name: Paul McLachlan
Paul McLachlan
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Berkshire
City: Reading
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angelique110 recommends paulsstudio
Added by angelique110 on 27 September 2013
Had a great few days in Pauls studio.
He was very polite and friendly and helpful to any photographers.
Loads of clothes, lights, props and backdrops to choose from to make an overall fantastic studio!
cathfazaxxx recommends paulsstudio
Added by cathfazaxxx on 11 September 2013
Had a great sold out day at Pauls Studio.

Paul is a great photographer and studio owner, was looked after very well.

Studio is great and is so close to the motorway it's perfect for shooting in!

Look forward to many more shoots and studio days there.

Cath Faza.
Dangreenway recommends paulsstudio
Added by Dangreenway on 01 August 2013
I was lucky enough to join one of Paul's brilliant on location events.
It was brilliantly organised with some fabulous and very professional models.
Paul definitely puts a lot of thinking and effort into planning these events and it shows. Everything went like clockwork and with the constant help of his assistant we as photographers could carry on and just concentrate on shooting and getting great images.
I highly recommend his events, and looking forward to our Wales trip!
xxmrmthxx recommends paulsstudio
Added by xxmrmthxx on 15 July 2013
July 2013- Paul organised an evening group shoot with myself modelling. Very organised, professional and made me feel comfortable. Working with Paul is always a joy and I look forward to many more shoots and events with him.

Sept 2011 - Had a group shoot organised by Paul this week. Very well put together and great comms before. I highly recommend shooting with Paul and his studio
nickyphillips recommends paulsstudio
Added by nickyphillips on 23 May 2013
I have worked at pauls studio a few times and I have also worked with paul himself.
The studio is lovely and paul is always on hand to help, he is a delightful man and im glad I have had the chance to work with him.
I will look forward to future shoots.
Thank you paul :) x
AmyC_01 recommends paulsstudio
Added by AmyC_01 on 10 April 2013
I've just had two brilliant studio days back to back at Paul's Studio in Reading.

Paul is one of the best business men I have met. His communication skills is one of the best I have come across, no ping pong of messages just one phone call and arranged.

Great studio, has a lovely friendly environment about it. The studio is full of diversity and can be set up with different coloured backgrounds or to loads of sets!

Thanks again Paul for the studio days, I am looking forward to coming back down to Reading in the near future.
BlueSapphire recommends paulsstudio
Added by BlueSapphire on 21 February 2013
I worked at Pauls studio for the first time recently and what a wonderful little space - plenty of props, different areas for me to be creative with and really high tech!
Paul was helpful, polite and everything you want from a studio owner only the press of a button away when needed - plenty of drinks, warmth and laughs - already booked in to go back this month for the first of many I hope
emmakatedawson recommends paulsstudio
Added by emmakatedawson on 11 November 2012
Fantastic!!!! Did two days here at Paul's studios and couldn't of been better!! Most relaxed studios days I have. Studio was lovely and warm, I was fed, watered, looked after. Wasn't worked too hard, and everything was really organised. Lighting was beautifully set up everytime for each photographer. Advice and help at hand.
He was made scarce when photographers were shooting and back in time for the next ones in.
Paul is great to get along with. We really clicked and I enjoyed his company!!!
He couldn't put me up at this time but offered me a hotel. Dropped me off and picked me up, made sure I was safe etc.
Just thoroughly enjoyed my weekend! Cannot wait to come back :) thanks to paul for having me.
AmethystViolet recommends paulsstudio
Added by AmethystViolet on 22 September 2012
I would definitely recommend Paul's studio.

I had a studio day there today, and found Paul to be one of the friendliest guys ever :P.
He is very dedicated to providing a service that is really good value for money in all aspects, and is very chatty, laid back and helpful.
The studio is very well equipped and clean and tidy, with lots of options for shooting.
And just when I thought I'd seen it all he seemed to pull props out of the walls!
Paul is also very knowledgeable about photography and is a patient and helpful tutor for new photographers.

He made me feel very relaxed and welcome and is very hospitable.
Am back there soon and can't wait.

Fawna xx
louisamarie recommends paulsstudio
Added by louisamarie on 13 August 2012
Had a studio day at pauls studio yesterday, i really enjoyed it, i worked with some great togs and also paul his self, it was a very nice studio with lots of different backdrops, paul was very friendly and kept me hydrated with tea and coffee... i highly recommend pauls studio to all,

Was lovely to meet and work with you Paul..

Louisa x
Esprit recommends paulsstudio
Added by Esprit on 11 August 2012
Worked at Puals Studio not so long ago on a creative art course with a photographer. It's a brilliant studio. Paul was very professional, helpful and friendly. I would 100% recommend that you book Puals studio, you would not be disappointed.
aphotostylegeek recommends paulsstudio
Added by aphotostylegeek on 21 June 2012
A great studio for amateurs and professionals alike. Paul takes all the trouble out of organising a shoot and makes it a pleasure every time. The best place to learn, and the best place for those that know what they are about.
sami_c recommends paulsstudio
Added by sami_c on 05 May 2012
Had my first studio day at Paul's Studio today. He makes you feel so welcome and looked after me very well. It's a brilliant studio, plenty of space, private changing/ make up area and it's nice and warm :-)
Hope to shoot there many more times in the future. Thanks for a great day!!
Richard_Michael recommends paulsstudio
Added by Richard_Michael on 02 May 2012
I have just come back from one of Paul's weekend Wales shoots. He took 5 fantastic and creative models all of whom worked brilliantly. The organisation for the weekend was near perfect...I say near perfect as we had terrible wind and rain over the weekend, not that he had much control over that I suppose.The venue was absolutely great and there were plenty of alternative places to shoot other than outside in all of that weather. Paul was always on hand to help with my various technical and creative needs with composition, lighting etc. With his help and organisation I got some fantastic results. I shall definitely go again.
NatashaJBella recommends paulsstudio
Added by NatashaJBella on 10 April 2012
At last, I got to work with Paul, long over due but well worth the wait. We could have spent as many hours chatting as we did shooting.  It's clear that Paul has got the formula just right, the studio, photography skills, professionalism, friendly manner and a perfect host.  Would happily work at Paul's Studio again and again, highly recommended.  Thanks for a great shoot.
SashB recommends paulsstudio
Added by SashB on 13 March 2012
I have been to Pauls Studio a couple of times now and i have to say i almost feel at home when walking threw the door.. Not only because of the warm welcome from Paul, but because of the relaxing, friendly vibes the studio.. Paul has really helped me to gain extra confidence in my art figure studies and has also produced some of my best pictures to date...

I look forward when seeing in my diary im booked in at Pauls Studio as i have met some really professional photographers (even the ones just learning) with some fab ideas and always guaranteed a fun shoot..

Im pleased to say iam availble to be booked at Pauls Stuido via

Hope to be back real soon

Sasha B :) x
Knottinfocus recommends paulsstudio
Added by Knottinfocus on 11 March 2012
Having just undertaken a Custom Creative Nude and Erotic Course at Paul’s Studio I wanted to go on record to say how delighted I am.
From start to finish Paul has been friendly and supportive yet challenging, whilst at the same time the ultimate professional.
His tuition wasn’t restricted to the time in the studio and nothing felt like too much trouble. Throughout the experienced I was treated as an individual and felt valued, more so than I expected, even from a custom course.
Paul arranged for the fabulous Natalia Forrest to be my model for the afternoon and this together with Paul’s incredible teaching ability (and I work in training so hopefully recognise a good trainer when I see one) turned it into one of the most fabulous, rewarding and productive afternoons ever.
The studio is great with what seems like an endless supply of high-quality lighting, fittings, props and accessories... oh and not bad coffee and cold drinks too!
I learnt so much is such a short space of time, got some wonderful images under Paul’s expert guidance and can’t wait to book another session there to practice all Paul taught me.
Excellent value and highly recommended.
Am1anda123 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Am1anda123 on 12 February 2012
I never usually do road trips, but I made the exception to travel down to Reading to work with Paul and Ashlea Louise at his studio in Reading. Have you ever met a person and instantly felt like you've known them for years? Paul's down to earth , friendly nature made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I felt I had known him forever. Paul is also a very talented photographer , some of his art nude work blew me away. The studio is well equipped with a variety of sets and paul is at hand to offer his expert advise. I would reccomended both paul and his studio 110% and can't wait to work with paul and Ashlea again in
march, well worth the road trip.:)
KevPhoto recommends paulsstudio
Added by KevPhoto on 11 February 2012
Have used Paul's Studio for a number of years now. Paul provides an excellent service, good equipment and the studio is always well maintained. Paul is always on hand to help and advise. He runs some really good studio days with very good professional models. I'd recommend anyone to use his studio - model or photographer.
Kalashnikova recommends paulsstudio
Added by Kalashnikova on 31 January 2012
Had an awesome shoot today with Paul at his studio- he is a great photographer and very friendly. The studio has a homely feel, wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks!
EllaRose recommends paulsstudio
Added by EllaRose on 25 January 2012
I've worked at Paul's studio many times now and always enjoy it. The studio is great, with plenty of posing props, a music system and a dedicated model changing area which is much appreciated. Paul has perfected the art of lending a guiding hand to photographers, offering his input and expertise in getting the lighting and set up just right depending on the photographer's goals, but also knowing when to leave the photographer and model to it, being just a dedicated doorbell ring away! He is very friendly and helpful, always on hand with a cup of tea and a chat. Very highly recommended!
roseanne_88 recommends paulsstudio
Added by roseanne_88 on 06 December 2011
Worked wwith Paul at his Studio and would highly recommend him.! He is uber talented, proffeisonal and fun to work with!
Look forward to working with him next weekxx
Frankie_Bites recommends paulsstudio
Added by Frankie_Bites on 26 November 2011
I worked with Paul in late November 2011, receiving 1-on-1 tuition in glamour & nude photography. The day was fantastic, in that Paul arranged a fantastic model (Ashlea-Louise) and customised the content specifically to my skill and experience.

Paul took the time to explain how the lighting should be set up for each shot, as well as some tips in how to work with a model.

I cannot recommend Paul & his studio enough - I had a great fun day, shot some killer images (in my own opinion), and will definately be back!
Lucky20 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Lucky20 on 09 November 2011
great studio and photographer :) big recomendations!
xxmrmthxx recommends paulsstudio
Added by xxmrmthxx on 18 September 2011
Had a group shoot organised by Paul this week. Very well put together and great comms before. I highly recommend shooting with Paul and his studio
Ninaleigh recommends paulsstudio
Added by Ninaleigh on 17 September 2011
have worked at pauls studio twice now! feel lucky to work with such nice people if im honest, such a pleasure to work with. highly rated and hope to work at the studio again in the near future.

thanks paul :)
BexWhite recommends paulsstudio
Added by BexWhite on 07 September 2011
Another great experience working with Paul's Studio last weekend on a location shoot in South Wales. Wonderful location, wonderful group of models and wonderful results. Paul is always on hand for advice and help and this is why those using the studio do so time and time again. Thanks Paul :) x
sammijo86 recommends paulsstudio
Added by sammijo86 on 06 September 2011
I had the best time with Pauls Studio on the group shoot in Wales. Highly recommended! Great fun and a fantastic location! Not to be missed. Thanks Paul x
PeterB4712 recommends paulsstudio
Added by PeterB4712 on 17 June 2011
I have worked a number of times at Pauls studio and have just returned from weeks workshop in France organised by him at a stunning location in the Dordogne with two great models. I can highly recommend Pauls studio his tuition and workshops are excellent and he provides assistance and support without being intrusive.His style allows you to develop your own creative photography and he also provides some of the best models that I have ever worked with. He is totally dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to take some stunning images.
SarahlouiseArnold recommends paulsstudio
Added by SarahlouiseArnold on 02 June 2011
I have worked at Pauls many times now. He has a good sized studio, fully equipped with all the lighting you can think of, different backgrounds, props etc. Paul is always on hand to help and guide people to get the best images possible. 100% recommend!!!
SophiaKnight  recommends paulsstudio
Added by SophiaKnight on 10 April 2011
I had a studio day at Paul's studio, I worked with Paul who was very professional and very well organized, i worked with 3 other photographers all were a delight and im looking forward to seeing the results. I am looking forward to working there again if they will have me.
xlollyx recommends paulsstudio
Added by xlollyx on 16 February 2011
paul was great to shoot with and really knows his some great images, especially the art nude ones. it was a very relaxed and comfortable shoot.the studio was also spacious with great lighting. looking forward to another shoot soon :)
JossDaniels recommends paulsstudio
Added by JossDaniels on 08 February 2011
I had a great shoot with Paul last week, he had a great studio next to his home, with everything we needed!
Paul is a awsome Photogorapher very experianced in what he does! he was very welocoming and we got on well straight away.
I cant wait to work with Paul again.

Highly Reccomended.
Livvy x
sammijo86 recommends paulsstudio
Added by sammijo86 on 20 November 2010
I had my 1st shoot today at Pauls studio. I had such a great time. A very nice and professional studio with a great atmosphere. Paul is a great guy and a pleasure to work with. I cant wait to come back soon :)
PeterB4712 recommends paulsstudio
Added by PeterB4712 on 07 November 2010
I have been to Pauls studio three times now and had some great experiences. His tuition studio, equipment and choice of models is superb. He coaches and supports rather than intrudes and this is really helping me to develop my skills. Still a lot to learn but having some great shoots and really learning something. Have had shoots with Ashlea and Lexi and combined with Pauls knowledge and the studio equipment it all makes a great combination. Highly recommended and well worth the two hour drive.
Paul_Tooth recommends paulsstudio
Added by Paul_Tooth on 07 November 2010
Had my fourth photoshoot at Pauls Studio yesterday with my first being a 1-2-1 course back in July. Paul is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have learnt a lot from Paul over the last few months and hope to learn a lot more, he is always on hand if needed to help set up the lighting and provide guidance, nothing is too much trouble, but equally happy to let you just get on with it. Highly recommended
Gerry99111 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Gerry99111 on 23 October 2010
I have now done 11 shoots at Pauls Studio and would thoroughly recommend it. From my first shoot as one to one tuition to now, he is ever helpful when needed and lets you get on with it when you are able to.

For anyone contemplating starting model shoots, his style of tutoring is perfect and having just done a shoot with Raphaella, his model days are very well organised.

GMcPhotos recommends paulsstudio
Added by GMcPhotos on 19 October 2010
I would recommend Pauls Studio courses to anyone interested in starting studio photography. I attended the Studio Starter Course which Paul provided on a 1-2-1 bases and not, as was the case in some other courses I looked into, as a group. Paul is an excellent tutor and tailored the course to my individual needs. He also arranged for Tina Kay to model for the course, she was very patient and fully understood my level of experience – I couldn't of wished for a better model for my first photoshoot. This help me gain confidence in achieving some fantastic shots on the day.

I am already looking forward to my next photoshoot at Pauls Studio.
Lexi_Lowe recommends paulsstudio
Added by Lexi_Lowe on 27 September 2010
I had several shoots at Pauls studio recently including a boudoir course. It was my first time at the studio and I was very happy with the professional environment and Paul's friendly nature. I am looking forward to working at the studio many times in the future. Lexi x
Summer1980 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Summer1980 on 05 September 2010
I have had 3 shoots at Paul's studio and enjoyed them all thoroughly. Paul is the perfect studio host and the studio itself is spacious and comfortable, with a great dressing room area for models.
Hotdrj recommends paulsstudio
Added by Hotdrj on 12 August 2010
Had a great teaching session with Paul this week. Although I have been a photographer for years I learnt a great deal and Paul addressed what I needed to work on. Many thanks. David
raphaella recommends paulsstudio
Added by raphaella on 28 July 2010
Had a brilliant day down at Pauls studio in Reading,
So organised and welcoming, not only is the studio perfect it has the perfect host too.
Such a nice guy that i had the privilege of having a short session with at the start of the day in which we got some amazing stuff in such a short space of time.
He allows the model to do her own thing and great with direction too which is a reflection of his experience and tuition.

Bothe the studio and Paul are defiantly worth booking!

tiamatvenger recommends paulsstudio
Added by tiamatvenger on 26 June 2010
Been using the studio quite a few times over the last few years and thought it was about time I said thanks. The studio is very versatile has a great range of props, backgrounds and professional lighting equipment to suit everyone.

Suffice to say I keep coming back very highly recommended. I've been on a couple of tuition sessions with Paul now and he has always been extremely helpful. For those new to photography I can not recommend him any higher, very informative and its well worth taking doing his introduction to studio and lighting. Either way a great professional studio to work with - Thanks.
jenkins recommends paulsstudio
Added by jenkins on 10 May 2010
Have worked with Paul fpr clients and tuition days as well as photographers hiring his studio a few times now and can not recommend him enough. He is so friendly and makes sure you have everything you need. Would recommend Paul studio to both amateurs and professionals. See you soon Im sure. Jen x
zuikene recommends paulsstudio
Added by zuikene on 20 March 2010
Had a great shoot with Paul in his studio on the 18 th March. Professional, respectable photographer, easy to work with, cares about the model's needs, makes feel very comfortable and relaxed, real joy to work with. Highly recommended to all models to work with.
Thank you for a great shoot and hope to see you in Wales !
LeanneMakeUp recommends paulsstudio
Added by LeanneMakeUp on 12 March 2010
Paul is great to work with, friendly, fabulous studio which is easy to get to and not far from London! Highly recommended as photographer and for his studio.
phantasticpix recommends paulsstudio
Added by phantasticpix on 10 March 2010
Did a workshop and a shoot at Paul's studio and it was just great. Well equipped studio with plenty of props and backgrounds. Paul is very knowledgable and more than helpful. Am about to arrange another shoot there and that won't be the last one either. He also doesn't just help with technical issues but also with change overs and even throws in plenty of ideas and advise if you're open to it.
gesuati recommends paulsstudio
Added by gesuati on 10 February 2010
I have been using Paul's studio frequently for about a year and have found a place where I can get fabulous results due to the very professional help and advice of Paul and the veritable selection of beautiful models he engages. It is difficult to get a poor photograph in the studio with this combination and I have been delighted with the images I have taken. I can not recommend Paul's studio more highly and look forward to many more shoots there.
Natural_happy_girl recommends paulsstudio
Added by Natural_happy_girl on 17 January 2010
Worked with Paul twice, quite some time ago now, late 2008, LOVED it. Very professional, great studio, high quality and variety of props. An excellent experience that I was lucky enough to repeat. Still use images from the session too- they were pretty much all fantastic!
Glamourgirl_Elise recommends paulsstudio
Added by Glamourgirl_Elise on 09 January 2010
Ive worked at thei studio and with Paul many times and of course its always a great experience and just keep coming back.
The studio is well equipped and Paul is a luvy guy.;-)
Mr_Trompie recommends paulsstudio
Added by Mr_Trompie on 21 December 2009
I had an excellent shoot at Paul's studio. The studio has a good range of backgrounds, props and lighting. Paul is very knowledgeable and helpful and it is always a pleasure to shoot there
Antony13 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Antony13 on 18 December 2009
Used Pauls studio for a shoot today. Lovely studio with plenty of props. As a relative newcomer to Studio Photography, Paul was excellent in helping to set up the lighting and giving a few useful hints. Result, some brilliant photos.
Highly recommended
Stuart_Thomson recommends paulsstudio
Added by Stuart_Thomson on 16 December 2009
Have done 3 shoots in Paul's Studio to date, the last being Thursday 10th December, Paul is a great guy and very helpful (very useful as I am new to taking Studio shots), he teaches at a level and pace to suit you and your abilities, look forward to visiting the studio again soon.
Tibby recommends paulsstudio
Added by Tibby on 30 November 2009
Paul is a fantastic photographer to work with.
Had a great shoot together and he has a fab studio with everything a model needs!!
Felt extremely safe and relaxed and paul made me laugh lots!!!
Miss mary louise x
Nympheae recommends paulsstudio
Added by Nympheae on 17 October 2009
I had a pleasure of working with Paul in his studio.

Paul is a great photographer, very good communication prior and throughout the shoot, he knows exactly what he wants to achieve, is friendly and creates relaxed atmosphere.

The studio is very well organized, with heating and changing area and lots of props and ideas.

It was a great experience and I would be more than happy to work there again!
Many thanks!
Lisi recommends paulsstudio
Added by Lisi on 18 September 2009
I've known Paul many years and he is a great photographer and a really nice genuine guy. He has used me as model on numerous teaching shoots - he is a very good teacher and the shoots are fun and very fact I reckon I'm now fully trained as a photographer now too! The studio is very clean and tidy and the model has a good amount of space to change and do hair and makeup. I particularly like working there and have many good images from all the shoots I have done there.
baby_green recommends paulsstudio
Added by baby_green on 13 September 2009
Have been to pauls studio 3 times now... and its fab... great space... lots of things to use... clothes to wear... your own section to get ready and have your own space... Paul is really friendly and professional... will be using his studio again soon... I have also shot with Paul and i Would def Reccomend him as a photographer... Charley... xXx
TerryTurner recommends paulsstudio
Added by TerryTurner on 09 September 2009
Had a shoot today at Pauls Studio 9.9.09.

I found Paul really helpful, willing to help with any ideas, lots of equipment, very professional & tidy studio.

Thanks for a good shoot Paul.

ASHLEA_LOUISE recommends paulsstudio
Added by ASHLEA_LOUISE on 10 August 2009
without a doubt one of my favourite studios! Clean, tidy and paul is always around and happy to help! Thanks Ashlea x x
jes recommends paulsstudio
Added by jes on 31 May 2009
I worked at Paul's Studio for the second time and can only say good things about it. Paul is a lovely person and runs the most organized studio i've ever worked in!
chloe_james666 recommends paulsstudio
Added by chloe_james666 on 03 April 2009
My shoot with Paul was really enjoyable. He made me feel very comfortable and I had a great time working with him. His studio is fantastic and I can't wait to see the finished shots. Looking forward to working with him again. Highly recommended. All the best, Chloe.
Milfandproud84 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Milfandproud84 on 03 February 2009
I had a fantastic shoot with Paul on the 19/01/09 and was delighted with the studio which was very warm and spacious and very well equipped. Paul was very professional and also guided me with difficult poses. I was relaxed and happy throughout! Im very impressed with all the images and will definately work with him again! Highly reccomended.
Michaela2 recommends paulsstudio
Added by Michaela2 on 01 February 2009
I have pleasant memories of great 4 days in his studio.. Friendly photographer and regardful of models. Thank you Paul! I am looking forward to see you again.
Added by TaniaClaire on 10 September 2008
Paul is a really nice chap and I have known him for many years. He has a great studio and I was delighted with the pictures that he took of me recently.
Added by Lucynova on 15 August 2008
Paul is really one of my most favourite photographers in England. He is very nice, helpful, great photographer. I am always looking forward to working with him or at his new, well equipped studio, because he has around him only good people and work i
Added by jasminesinclair on 04 June 2008
Paul and his studio are great! I've worked with him several times and known him for many years now and always enjoy our shoots together. Here's to many more, if he'll have me! :-)
Added by carshaltonkev on 05 May 2008
Highly recommended. Paul is a very pleasant, friendly and helpful. His studio is amazingly neat and clean with a great relaxing ambience. My model really enjoyed working there too.