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Username: TheShinyOne ID: 122638 Name: Steve M
Steve M
Country: United Kingdom
Region: London
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AshleighDoll recommends TheShinyOne
Added by AshleighDoll on 23 June 2014, shoot arranged for June 2014

I shot with Steve for the first time on Saturday and it was a very enjoyable experience. Communication prior was great, he was on time and we got on well, as well as hopefully creating some great images! Steve is very polite and easy to get along with. Gold star! I would certainly recommend working with him.
Lottie21 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Lottie21 on 02 June 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

I worked with Steve for the 2nd or 3rd time last Thursday this time alongside BexWhite as a duo shoot! He was as lovely as I remembered from previous shoots and the hour that we had flew by! Steve is a real pleasure to work with and a great photographer! He has some great ideas too! I would happily recommend Steve without any hesitation and would love to work with him again! Thanks Steve!
DianaB recommends TheShinyOne
Added by DianaB on 23 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

I had such a great shoot with Steve today, he was friendly, chatty with fun and creative ideas.

Hope to work with Steve again in the future.

Highly recommend
SophiaDelane recommends TheShinyOne
Added by SophiaDelane on 13 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

I worked with Steve at my home for the first time and we was a pleasure to work with. He is punctual, organised and knows exactly what he wants to capture in his images. He has a great personality which leads to a comfortable relaxed shoot and I definitely hope to work with him again soon. Recommended. Sophia x
KateErrington recommends TheShinyOne
Added by KateErrington on 25 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

I had a great shoot with Steve on Sunday at my studio flat. Steve is a lovely gentleman with great communication and a very relaxed and warm personality. Steve knows how to talk to a model and has great ideas for his photography. Not only is he great at shooting nudes, but his wedding photography is beautiful aswell. Looking forward to shooting again, a real pleasure. Kate :)
RoxyMendez recommends TheShinyOne
Added by RoxyMendez on 18 August 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Worked with Steve for the first time in July. Steve is vey professional and turned up to the shoot in good time. I definitely recommend Steve to any model wishing to work with him.

Thanks for a great shoot, hope to work with you again very soon. Roxy Mendez
JodieEllen recommends TheShinyOne
Added by JodieEllen on 10 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

had a lovely shoot with steve yesterday,
he gives great direction and knows what he is looking for.

steve is very easy to get on with a easy to have a conversation wih

recommended !!!
Roswell_Ivory recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Roswell_Ivory on 03 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

I worked with Steve during my recent studio day at The Cottage. He is fun to work with, with some great ideas and I look forward to shooting with him again. :)
ZombieCandy recommends TheShinyOne
Added by ZombieCandy on 17 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

I had another shoot today with Steve. He is such a joy to work with and I think we produced some beautiful images again today :) We used natural light for most of the shoot and I think they came out so well. I would love to work with Steve again.

March 2013

I had a shoot with Steve last night. It was planned pretty much last minute but we really got a lot done and I am very pleased with the images we produced. I think his lighting techniques were really innovative (he even let me light myself to create some unusual shadows) I would love to work with him again. Highly recommended :)
sammijo86 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by sammijo86 on 19 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Steve is lovely to work with. His pre shoot communication was great and he arrived on time and well prepared. He's very chatty with a good sence of humour. He worked well in the surroundings. I look forward to shooting again. Sammi xx
Tansy_Blue recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Tansy_Blue on 01 July 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

I shot with Steve today at Greg Brown's studio in Battersea. I found him good company and a skilled photographer, giving plenty of direction but also allowing me to play with the wings of isis. :) I think we got some lovely shots and I'd definitely recommend him.
xxmrmthxx recommends TheShinyOne
Added by xxmrmthxx on 19 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

I had a very enjoyable shoot with Steve this week in Kent. Very professional and great to work with. Highly recommended and I'm pleased I got to shoot with him
Katy recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Katy on 10 April 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Steve came to Joss and my dance day at the cottage studio in Sussex and he was lovely to work with, arrived in good time and had ideas bout what he wanted shoot. Steve is courteous and gentlemanly and good fun to boot! I would certainly recommend him to other models without hesitation and hope to work with him again soon!
thank you!
Katy :)
Joceline recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Joceline on 05 April 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I had great fun shooting with Steve at the dance day Katy Pectin and I organised at Sussex Cottage Studio. He was kind, good at direction and nice company during our shoot, as well as being responsive to ideas that his models had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and would be more than happy to work with him again in the future. Thanks, Steve.
Chrissie_Red recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Chrissie_Red on 16 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I had a shoot with Steve earlier today on my first trip to London. He made things so easy by picking me up at my hotel nearby. He was very thoughtful throughout the shoot and took great care of me. Had a wicked time and would highly recommend him to all models <3

Thanks Steve... Next time you have to come up to "the place where they talk funny" ;-)

maxina recommends TheShinyOne
Added by maxina on 19 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Had a wonderful first shoot with Steve today and i really enjoyed working with him,he is funny and talented which is a real bonus,i would highly reccomend working with Steve for a relaxed fun shoot.
jessicard recommends TheShinyOne
Added by jessicard on 28 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had an excellent shoot with Steve - a true gent and a good laugh. Throughly enjoyed our shoot and would highly recommend!
Amber6 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Amber6 on 11 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Second time working with Steve and he is truly lovely : ) Very creative and full of good ideas. Recommeded
BexWhite recommends TheShinyOne
Added by BexWhite on 17 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

I had a thoroughly enjoyable shoot with Steve at my home on Saturday. Steve was a pleasure to work with - he has a wonderful eye for an image, and a relaxed calming approach to the shoot. I would recommend working with Steve without hesitation and would certainly work with him again. Thanks Steve :)
Minna recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Minna on 01 July 2011, shoot arranged for June 2011

I had the pleasure of working with Steve a few days ago and would definitely recommend doing so to any reliable model looking to shoot with someone who is both friendly and considerate, creative and skilled, relaxed and resourceful. He did a very good job of explaining every detail of the shoot before the shoot, too. He obviously truly enjoys photography, which meant I really wanted to work hard to help him and not let down his eye for a good composition. If anything I wish we could have shot for longer! Thank you Steve for a well organized and enjoyable shoot, if only all photographers were like you!
Sarah75 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Sarah75 on 14 May 2011, shoot arranged for April 2011

Had a fantastic shoot with Steve at the Boatyard group shoot. Great with direction and sourced a fab location for us. Would highly recommend Steve and hope to work with him again soon
princessleonie recommends TheShinyOne
Added by princessleonie on 14 January 2011, shoot arranged for January 2011

Had a fab shoot with Steve on Sunday. We went to a few different locations in central london. He is eassy to get along with, put me straight at ease. Great at giving direction but also letting you put your own ideas in.

The time flew on the shoot and i look forward to shooting with him again soon!

Thanks Steve
Dido_Wend recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Dido_Wend on 01 December 2010, shoot arranged for December 2010

Had an extremely enjoyable shoot with Steve today- communation prior and during the shoot was great and he is a super nice photographer that makes the time fly by. Hope we can work together again before I'm back to my country!
Cody recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Cody on 11 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

It was a pleasure working with Steve today on an art nude shoot
His communication before the shoot was great and he had some interesting ideas
Hopefully work with him again sometime
Electrica recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Electrica on 30 October 2010, shoot arranged for October 2010

Had a 3rd shoot with Steve today , was a great shoot as usual.. He is a very professional, funny & very easy to get on with photographer...I can highly recommend this man ...


Electrica :) x
Ellamae10 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Ellamae10 on 26 October 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

Reference One -

I have recently worked with Steve at an absolutely fantastic location that is actually very local to me.. and all in all we had an amazing, relaxed but extremely productive time!

Steve is a great guy! Funny, kind, genuine and just great fun to be around.. He was fantastically patient and relaxed when things weren't quite going to plan (like they sometimes don't on a location being surrounded by the general public!), and i honestly left the shoot with a big grin on my face knowing that we had eventually nailed a few awesome shots!

In essence, if you're thinking of working with Steve, stop thinking and start doing! You will have a great time, be laughing beginning to end, and of course get some awesome images! Thank you again Steve! Until next time.. :)

Reference Two -

I had yet another amazing shoot with Steve recently at my abandoned factory location, and i can really only echo my previous sentiments! Steve really does know exactly what he wants from a model; and with all of his gear and his skill set it is ensured that we have the tools to nail it everytime! Once again if you are looking to work with Steve do not hesitate! Thank you again.. Roll on the new year :)
Rachael_C recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Rachael_C on 26 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

Had the pleasure of working with Steve this week. Relaxed and fun from the start. One of those shoots that flies by and you end up wishing every shoot was as fun and relaxed! A really lovely guy with a great sense of humour as well as a great eye for detail and wonderful with natural light, thanks Steve...hope to work with you again :) x
ladyd39 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by ladyd39 on 21 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

recently worked with steve at a group shoot and although our shoot was only 45minutes long,steve made good use of the time and created some superb images.hes a lovely guy to work with and i hope to work with him again very soon,diana
Ashleighmckenzie recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Ashleighmckenzie on 25 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Steve is a very proffessional photographer and I'm very happy I've had the pleasure to work with him. He gives excellent direction and knows exactly what he wants and has some great ideas. He's very chatty and has a good sense of humour. Highly recommended!
SineadTess recommends TheShinyOne
Added by SineadTess on 16 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Had another shoot with Steve :) Again, great approach to the day, had lots of ideas and good attention to detail. Excellent communication and as lovely as ever. Still recommended!
ERosanne recommends TheShinyOne
Added by ERosanne on 28 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Had a great time with Steve. Great communications, nice guy and a good sense of humour, it was a really fun shoot. Really enjoyed working with him and would be very happy to do so again.
e_string recommends TheShinyOne
Added by e_string on 26 May 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

Had a brief, good shoot with Steve. Pre-shoot communication was excellent, and the session itself was respectful and productive. Thanks Steve!
chloegordon recommends TheShinyOne
Added by chloegordon on 12 May 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

had a fun shoot with steve... he knows what he wants and was also happy to do what i wanted. felt totally comfortable and enjoyed the shoot very much... would definately recommend!!
emmawillis recommends TheShinyOne
Added by emmawillis on 29 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

Steve is a lovely guy and a real pleasure to work with. It was such a relaxed shoot it didn't feel like I was at a job and could have stayed there all day to be honest. He makes the model feel totally at home no matter where the shoot is held and has some really funky ideas :) We got some lovely shots and we're already in the process of booking shoot number two! I can't wait :)
Added by charlotte90 on 19 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

2ND SHOOT WITH STEVE..shoot was arranged but i could not make the time that steve had arranged due to my 9YEAR OLD BROTHER SICK WITH FOOD POSIONING BUT STEVE GOT THE IDEA IN HES HEAD THAT I SHOULD LEAVE A SICK 9YEAR OLD TO TAKE PICS. i texted him hours before the sheculed time to let him know my situation and still he could not understand. i apoligse for not turning up but i did not know this was going to happen. if i did i would not of booked a shoot.

had a wonderful shoot with steve. he had good ideas, was very profesional. made me feel comfortable. easy to get along with and fun to work with. thanks again steve.
Charley1986 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Charley1986 on 09 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

Had a really great shoot with Steve last week he is so much fun and great to work with.
He turned up fully prepared and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from the shoot.
I highly recommend him to all models thanks again and look forward to maybe working with you again in the near future. Charley
LydiaT recommends TheShinyOne
Added by LydiaT on 15 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

I had a location fashion shoot with Steve the other day and had an excellent time! He is an absolute pleasure to shoot with, very friendly and of course talented. We covered many locations, changes and it was a really sucessful shoot. Looking forward to our next one in April. :) Very highly recomended.

catherineann_uk recommends TheShinyOne
Added by catherineann_uk on 05 November 2009, shoot arranged for October 2009

Had a great shoot with Steve at the weekend. Despite the grey weather we had a fun location shoot and I felt comfortable and relaxed. I feel we achieved some great results and I am looking forward to seeing them and hope we can work together in the future.
Voluptua recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Voluptua on 02 October 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

I had another shoot with Steve, he was professional as ever and very good at giving direction but he also accepted my ideas graciously. I would highly recommend him. Shoot again soon? x
LuluOR recommends TheShinyOne
Added by LuluOR on 19 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

I really enjoyed working with Steve. He was organized and knew what he wanted from the shoot so there was no time hanging around doing nothing - my idea of a good shoot basically! He's laid-back and we had a laugh and the pictures were great too! Thanks Steve :)
ukfitnessmodel recommends TheShinyOne
Added by ukfitnessmodel on 16 September 2009, shoot arranged for September 2009

Steve is great to work with and really relaxed. We had only one hour to shoot and yet nothing was rushed or hectic and he still managed to produce some great images. A lovely guy and very respectful. Will look forward to our next shoot!
JadedRed recommends TheShinyOne
Added by JadedRed on 20 August 2009, shoot arranged for December 2008

I have worked with Steve a few times and never had any problems, always found him pleasant and professional and i would happily work with him again.
Emma_89 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Emma_89 on 03 August 2009, shoot arranged for July 2009

Had a recent location shoot with Steve and found him to be very relaxed, easy going, and professional. Would definitely recommend : )
NewPrincess recommends TheShinyOne
Added by NewPrincess on 15 July 2009, shoot arranged for July 2009

Had a great shoot with steve today, he has good direction and was great with my little boy got some lovely images cant wait to see the outcome thanks again =-)
charleytakw recommends TheShinyOne
Added by charleytakw on 13 May 2009, shoot arranged for March 2009

Had my second shoot with steve today, and again was a great one. Cant wait to see the outcome of the pictures.Thanks Steve x
hotdevil recommends TheShinyOne
Added by hotdevil on 12 May 2009, shoot arranged for May 2009

Worked with steve today found him very easy to work with. Really enjoyed the shoot andd looking forward to seeing the results..Would work with steve again with out a doubt. Thanks x
nikkic28 recommends TheShinyOne
Added by nikkic28 on 09 March 2009, shoot arranged for March 2009

Did a photoshoot with Steve on Saturday and had a really great time. Managed to get some fantastic shots considering there wasn't much space!! :-) Looking forward to seeing the finished article. Thanks Steve x
Ivetan recommends TheShinyOne
Added by Ivetan on 17 February 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

Had my second shoot with Steve and found him very experienced and professional,he has a good eye for the details,very artistic. Except this he is a very nice person to work with.Recommended
GzMakeupNails recommends TheShinyOne
Added by GzMakeupNails on 28 November 2008, shoot arranged for November 2008

Had a great shoot with Steve who is professional, creative & a very nice guy. He had the shoot organised expertly & the result will be just as brilliantly planned. I certainly recommend Steve's expertise to all.....G
Added by HazelStephens on 29 July 2008
Very communicative and a relaxed atmosphere whilst shooting. Would recommend.
Added by NudeModel on 23 July 2008
Nice bloke to work with, really enjoyed the shoot and felt comfortable the whole time!