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Username: SouthDowns ID: 222845 Name: Hangleton Lane Studio
Hangleton Lane Studio
Country: United Kingdom
Region: West Sussex
City: Worthing
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Bleeding_Rose1 recommends SouthDowns
Added by Bleeding_Rose1 on 15 May 2014
I held a studio day at Barney's studio recently, he makes an excellent host and was kind enough to pick me up and drop me off at the train station and provided me with plenty of tea and biscuits throughout the day. Barney's attention to detail makes him an excellent photographer, his pre shoot and during shoot communications and direction were excellent, he has clear idea's about the things he wishes to shoot. He has a wonderful friendly and polite manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others and can't wait to see the results of our shoot.
cymbal recommends SouthDowns
Added by cymbal on 14 November 2013
Just shows what a lot you can shoot in a small studio, excellent welcome and help, good tea,and reasonable rates.
brightonblonde recommends SouthDowns
Added by brightonblonde on 14 November 2013
Had a last minute booking at the studio today for a client, Barney is a great host and always makes you feel welcome and looked after. I love being a regular at the studio and hope to be continue the pleasure of working there :)

Emma Louise
brightonblonde recommends SouthDowns
Added by brightonblonde on 14 November 2013
Had a last minute booking at the studio today for a client, Barney is a great host and always makes you feel welcome and looked after. I love being a regular at the studio and hope to be continue the pleasure of working there :)

Emma Louise
AndyClark14 recommends SouthDowns
Added by AndyClark14 on 11 September 2013
First shoot at the Studio, Barney was a great help and very friendly. The Studio was full of areas to use and a large quantity of props to help with the shoot. Easy to locate, even using public transport. A very well run Studio, looking forward to a return visit, no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.
EH_Photography recommends SouthDowns
Added by EH_Photography on 25 January 2013
I had a shoot here this morning with model LouiseBon - very impressed with the studio. Barney was very helpful and I appreciate him arriving to the studio early to turn on the heaters for us. Makes a great cuppa - would recommend this studio to any photographers or models :)
TexasB recommends SouthDowns
Added by TexasB on 25 January 2013
Had my first (of a few to come) visit to the Studio today. Very nice place to work,lots of probs available,Barney was very helpful with me and Emma (EH_Photography) and makes a great coffee! Looking forward to returning. LouiseB
Cynthia9 recommends SouthDowns
Added by Cynthia9 on 16 September 2012
Had a wonderful day in this studio on Friday. Barney was really helpful and welcoming.
I certainly recommend this studio as it is very big, has different props and the location is just wonderful.
Joceline recommends SouthDowns
Added by Joceline on 09 September 2012
I very much enjoyed my studio day here last week; Barney is a lovely, courteous hospitable studio-owner who was very kind and helpful, both to me and to the photographers who booked me. I wouldn't hesitate to work there again, or to recommend the studio to others; what a nice place (and there were chocolate biscuits, hoorah!).
Jake41 recommends SouthDowns
Added by Jake41 on 12 August 2012
Studio day at Barneys Southdowns studio this weekend. It has come on so much still I first saw it in a rough construction stage about 5 months ago. This time I was let loose with all the lights and props to use. Barney is a very good studio owner. Gives help and advice when need, but gives out the way when not. Does make a good cuppa. The studio is brilliant and certainly has everything I could ever need, from the infidently curve, pure black backdrops, bedroom to living room sets. I will be back
carshaltonkev recommends SouthDowns
Added by carshaltonkev on 12 August 2012
I worked at South Downs yesterday at a Fiona Jane York studio day. The studio is set in a stunning and beautiful location. (A world apart from the usual industrial estates.) There is LOADS OF SPACE and a choice of many sets. Barney is really welcoming, friendly and helpful and will bend over backwards to assist you.

South Downs is also a lot cheaper to hire than most studios. A bargain! With other studios closing, I am so pleased to have found it.


NB. Do ask for directions- you will probably need them!
fionajane recommends SouthDowns
Added by fionajane on 12 August 2012
After working with Barney twice at the studio, yesterday i held my first model day there. It was a very successful day, everyone was pleased with the studio and its beautiful sorroundings, and Barney made sure everyone was well looked after throughout the day! Looking forward to arranging my next model day there! Highly recommended!
Flexifingaz recommends SouthDowns
Added by Flexifingaz on 23 July 2012
I have had the oppertunity to work with Barney on a couple of occassions at his well organised fundraising events. He is a fantastic organiser and great photographer and This studio is set on a fantastic location.
Bluesden recommends SouthDowns
Added by Bluesden on 20 July 2012
What a location! Whether you need to shoot indoors or out, Barney has the gear in the studio and the most beautiful countryside as well.

I made use of both during my recent visit and it would be a pleasure to shoot there again.

Charlye recommends SouthDowns
Added by Charlye on 20 July 2012
I worked with Barney the other day at a charity group shoot he organised at his studio on Sunday 15 July. Barney is a Professional, lovely down to earth guy, a great organiser and fun to shoot with.
Anda recommends SouthDowns
Added by Anda on 19 July 2012
It was my pleasure to be there and work for Charity reasons. Studio is in very amazing place. With beautiful scenery all around. I will be really delighted if i will have a chance to work there again. Thank You Barney for Your invite.

See You!
RitaDamper recommends SouthDowns
Added by RitaDamper on 19 July 2012
Southdowns has come on leaps and bounds since my first shoot there back in April. Barney has put a lot of work into making sure there is plenty of variety and versatility at this unusual venue. Don't expect plush toilets and changing facilities - or even mobile phone signal - but do expect good sets and surroundings!
Dave1595 recommends SouthDowns
Added by Dave1595 on 09 July 2012
Had the pleasure of using Barney's studio the other day. Barney couldn't have been more helpful and friendly if he tried and the studio is well equipped and in a fantasitc location. Looking forward to my next visit.
firework recommends SouthDowns
Added by firework on 01 July 2012
This studio, maybe out in the sticks a little but wow, its huge with many different scenes you can use, me and 11 other models used this studio for our Calender shoot for charity, and had a blast
Klouise1992 recommends SouthDowns
Added by Klouise1992 on 20 June 2012
shot both with barney and another photographer at barnets studio and thoroughly enjoyed it hope it will be the 1st of many x
DianaB recommends SouthDowns
Added by DianaB on 10 June 2012
It was great fun to have a open studio day in Sussex at SouthDowns studio :), Barney is a very nice and friendly person , a great photographer tho, the studio is very spacious and gifted,Thoroughly recommended. many thanks Barney for having me in your studio had a great day
ChrisD recommends SouthDowns
Added by ChrisD on 09 June 2012
Paid a visit to Barneys studio yesterday, it's in a rural setting and as I drove closer to it I could also see oportunties for location shooting nearby, for example some beautiful countryside; however I digress.

The studio is within a huge dry secure barn, a number of "sets" are pre dressed so there are several shoot areas to choose from, each offering very different backgrounds/backdrops.

A spacious infinity curve dominants the centre of the building and the more I looked the more potential I could see. An abundance of lights and a comprehensive selection of light shaping tools are at the photographers disposal.

The studio was busy yesterday, I met a few new faces and put a face to a usernames set of photos I remember looking at not that long ago. In closing one thing out of Barneys control, there appears to be no signal there for cellular phones, in actual fact not a big issue and certainly not a deal breaker for me. In fact, turning a seeming disadvantage into a major advantage, it will stop that element of model that seems permanently glued to their phone! :-)
tarmoo recommends SouthDowns
Added by tarmoo on 08 June 2012
I used Barney's studio today for a shoot with Diana Braun on her studio day there.

The studio is very spacious, with lots of different sets. Barney was on hand to give advice on how to make best of of the various studio lights.

The studio is very reasonably priced. Definitely recommended.
nickydancer recommends SouthDowns
Added by nickydancer on 07 June 2012
I've had the delight of shooting down at Barney,s studio last week with 2 other photographers and another model on a group shoot, Barney was very welcoming and professional he makes a mean cup of coffee :)
the studio is very big with plenty of lights its still need a little work doing to it but on a whole i was super delighted with wot we got out of the 4hrs we was all there fore, Barney liked the work we was doing and offered me back to shoot on another group shoot that he was arranging in the next coming week more feed back to follow :)
AlegraJones recommends SouthDowns
Added by AlegraJones on 29 May 2012
Shot at the studio with Barney recently. Beautiful location! The studio had plenty of room, good lighting and had an enjoyable shoot here. Would recommend :)
Bigfish3311 recommends SouthDowns
Added by Bigfish3311 on 27 May 2012
I had a great half day shoot at Barneys studio this weekend. Set in the beautiful South Downs it is a great place to spend the day. The Studio is in a converted barn and offers a large white infinity curve as well pre built sets.
Barney was very helpful, proffesional and friendly. I will certainly be going back again.
fionajane recommends SouthDowns
Added by fionajane on 21 May 2012
Southdown Studio offers so much for the photographer at an absolutly bargain price. The space to shoot in this studio is vast, and has a great range of sets. Barney is also a lovely, and very professional guy. I plan to be working at Southdown Studio on a reglular basis and look forward to arranging many different things with Barney.
RitaDamper recommends SouthDowns
Added by RitaDamper on 30 April 2012
Although the studio has a lot further to go in terms of development, the potential is clearly seen. It's a good size with scope for lots of different possibilities and is in a beautiful location in the South Downs.