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Vienna Plumplove BBW

Vienna Plumplove BBW

ID Number:269643
Member type:Model
City:Weston Super Mare
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Work Preference:Lingerie
Date Joined:27 April 2017
Last Updated:21 August 2017
Last Login:27 October 2017
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Weight:230lbs (104kg) (16.5st)
Height:51in (4' 3") (129cm)
Bust/Chest:42in (106cm)
Cup Size:D
Waist:46in (116cm)
Hips:54in (137cm)
Skin Colour:White
Shoe Size:7.5in
Dress Size:24
↑↑ BLUEY TINTED BEDROOM PORTRAIT,[ TOPLESS, ] TAKEN 5JUNE 17. lots more shots done even since adding the latest on here, just ive not paid to join silver membership [yet].

note i have 100s more photos than am allowed to upload,. the selection on here does'nt remotely reflect my capability or flexibility or experience. Until I afford to upgrade I can't share all the past examples,any 2012, the studio glam (professional 2013,), professional bondage, erotic nude, beach/woods glam(of2013), dominatrix, collegestudentAdult, sexysecretary 2015, etc obvs I like to show the faves of v latest (2017) ideally? ..........! multi shoot sets simply cannot go on here, when I get space I will try and show example snippet 1-2 pix (so frustrating. )

MODELING SINCE 2012. Profile was on here established since then but I left/reopened to add the term BBW , to my user name, (You have to close ac and re open it to alter user name), and I felt BBW pointed to me being plus size than just waiting for folks to notice).

WHEN CAN AFFORD WILL FUND 6 MONTH'S or a year's MORE PHOTO SLOT ALLOWANCE. as plan shoots in 2017 and at mo there's no room here-10 doesnt even closely indicate the amount of modeling I've done and variation. note i have 100s more photos than am allowed to upload,. the selection on here does'nt  remotely reflect my capability or flexibility or experience.  to me the point of modeling is the aesthetic thrill. to give away so much of the you...defeats the whole point of me bothering. so its either pay and I have all shots or tfp and I have all (best) shots, to not see, /own. co share , appreciate in future those shots..literally is so disheartening frustrating & annoying that I'd just rather not bother. (thankfully so far hav been paid AND got all the shots but I get that some photographers prefer to deny the model most of , or worse all..of..the photographs). 

haircut back to neck length 1-2-17 ..I don;t mind my hair long or neck length tbh.. more flattering when LOOSE short..but for the UP-do could do with being bra length? My hair colour as at may2017 = burgundy.(for the foreseeable too). note, I prefer to model for the artistic, thrill ,the 'aesthetic value' than as a job/for money? i.e I don't care about being published etc. But of course I'd not REFUSE a paying shoot if it seems interesting to me artistically to do, themewise, and if given lots of shots from it. I v much love portraiture not just the other genres. I DID consider a mf glamour romantic shoot with the ex he was (either married during dating me up to march 2017, )or either way is definitely married NOW lol (whether whirlwind or was concurrent at the time).. no idea. either way then that's no longer an issue. lol.

STYLES I've achieved already(but happy to repeat) :- PORTRAITURE (definitely as it's my fave! modelled as a 19yr old for READING CAMERA CLUB,doing portraits. )__ and , glamour, glamour/topless in woods, on rocks(nr beach grassy end sand bayWSM,) and bikini on actual beach sand bay and artistic nude , - dominatrix style(solo:PurelyPosing as.,) , bondage, studio basque glamour,stockings etc, .. artistic nude on bed (want to limit that as too repetitious?) _ , sexysecretary(full outfit & adult posing), portraits, collegegirl theme (fetish),+ a little more fetish. am equally happy in front of camera dressed as nude, I have some personal themes I'd love to achieve too (see below*)

I gather (don't quote me..)- There is an excellent modeling studio right here in WSM -[called gosh studio , google the studio pls] IDEAL FOR GLAMOUR

I find rates an 'iffy ' area, as some photogs have paid me 150quid, some only 30-=00, and some nothing/tfp. all I know is, by law if a model wants all the shots { and i do want all the shots!!} then she cant ACTUALLLY by law expect to be paid, its based on sheer goodwill, therefore its down to you; tho tfp by law means model is entitled have ALL the photos. Idon't pay you, or vice versa we BOTH get all the shots.

I much prefer to model with a theme tbh than all that "Lie on the bed love-..stuff"?? {though that can mean I'm simply bored of GlamOnBed in my OWN HOUSE/on Own bed in same old lingerie on same old bedding, I cant churn out repetitious photos? (can any photographers help me vary my content /portfolio, as I'm not well off, I literally can't AFFORD new lingerie (quite hard even to source plus size lol) , or afford bedding to change the bedroom appearance much? which is why a hotel would provide said difference in atmosphere and ambiance? .. Love outdoors/locational interesting backdrops too ? say in a DILAPIDATED BUILDING..FETISH style :- 'fishnets and stripper sandals tartan college-skirt?-- amongst my other themes listed,.. *

WHILST PRIMARILY A GLAMOUR /nude, MODEL, (though I struggle to fund the outfits even, am poor,)....I'd luv to create this?: 'A Rebellious Nun?'-its quite indepth + artistic (CAN be adult but in fact my idea of the set is erotica?..)clever creative arty skilled Photographers pls help? been wanting 2 do since 2012. it's stuck in my head +I can't make it reality ,but want to do it for the sheer aesthetic thrill of 'my theme' idea becoming artistic photos in reality.!it requires props> (cigs drink record player,album..etc..+ stone floor room>.)+ I'd need u to get/hire a nuns habit & find me some of the props? clever skilled PROFESSIONALS pref? I'm sorry I cannot prob fund it, & has to be TFP basis. Im a fan of EdFox RoyStuart and other erotic/fetish Photographers.

THEMES I'D Love TO ACHIEVE ARE:-+ a horse. no not dodgy lol..!+a TARANTULA, +a SNAKE,,...and, ARTSY CLEVER- bondage ? thou am NOT sub!! fetish? /pvc/with high heels/ankle boots. woodland +beaches ,ex mental-health hosp/dilapidated building wearing fishnets & stripper heels? 'short ballgown dress holding 'champagne' glass in heels in same location ? dom'trix+sub(me as domt'x.. OVS...) Posing in water=a stream ideally ? am V BROADMINDED note, am not sub but have done bondage WITH ONLY trusted photogs who wont want 'dodgy favours' ??

Ideal scenario payment and pics (It's heartbreaking not to keep pics after posing for them) but I know it's not lawful to expect photos (just sooo much prefer to see my work than not..) so if any utter stars out there pay AND give pics PLEASE speak to me!!

refs from various sites:-

1 Had a fantastic shoot yesterday.
Very easy to deal with always returning messages. Some good outfits. Not at all shy. Takes direction well and isn't stiff.

The pictures are great.

She did her own hair and makeup, which was done to a high standard.
May 23, 2013 6:05am

1 This is my first shoot with Vienna, and it was such a pleasant one. Such a friendly model, very open to new ideas and poses effortlessly. A very satisfying shoot all in all, and I won't hesitate in using Vienna again. Highly recommended.
Nov 6, 2012 11:36pm

1 Second time worked with ViennaPlumplove. She is very friendly, professional and follows direction extremely well and tried very hard to acheive the results. Very easy to work with. Highly recommended.
Oct 18, 2012 8:03pm

1 First time worked with Vienna. Found she is very professional, friendly and take directions very well. Very easy to work with, cooperative and a joy to chat to too. A very nice person as well.
Sep 10, 2012 12:57pm

1 Had my first shoot with VIENNA. had a good time she is fun to work with, recommended by me.
will do more shoot with her;

We had planned a beach shoot a few weeks ago, more in hope than expectation this summer; but the weather was fantastic which gave the opportunity for to get some great swimwear sets.

Vienna is a lovely lady to work with. Her personality and sense of humour led to some great laughs during the shoot.

That having been said, Vienna is very professional, takes direction well and also has great ideas of her own which added to the shots achieved.

If you are looking for a larger lady to work with then book Vienna as you won't regret it.

Thank you for a great shoot Vienna x


Did a sexy secetary shoot with Vienna today. She was the perfect model. Her perfect curves and legs help produce some amazing images. And 100% reliable model. Book her now, you won't be dissapointed.

Vienna Plumplove BBW
Added: 19 June 2017
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Glamour Nude
Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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Vienna Plumplove BBW
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