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ID Number:172307
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Will Accept:Depends on assignment
Hair Length:Short
Weight:117lbs (53kg) (8.5st)
Height:68in (5' 8") (172cm)
Bust/Chest:33in (83cm)
Waist:24in (60cm)
Hips:33in (83cm)
Skin Colour:White
Dress Size:8
Work Preference:Fashion
Print Magazine
Date Joined:09 October 2009
Last Updated:01 May 2011
Last Login:18 May 2013
i'm not a model, i'm an experience...

i've worked with a few local photographers on a tf* basis, mostly for specific projects they had in mind...i can also be seen at: ...wearing some rather lovely t-shirts... (sorry it's not a hyperlink thing, i'm not a premium member...)

courtesy and communication are very important, and i will always reply to any messages...i appear to be technologically cursed, however, and my internet access can be sporadic...

at the moment i am most comfortable shooting: Fashion; Hair; Burlesque; Gothic/Horror; Artistic/Concept; Fetish...

n.b. i have a photo with my naughty bottom in to show off my stars...i don't tend to get that naked unless it's bathtime...

shoots to date:

ink - ghatahora (book project on tattoos) (potential second shoot)
fashion - gary mcallister
ink/fashion - david mardell (x2) (third shoot arranged)
fashion/concept - colin webster (x6) (seventh shoot arranged)
ink/concept - nick lawrence (x2) (arranging third shoot)
fashion/concept - luke the madhatter (arranging second shoot)
fashion/concept - john ogden
fashion/concept - ant croshaw

i put in time and effort, and i work damned hard...

i am mostly free on mondays, and at weekends...

i'm not here to get famous...i'm not about looking pretty or perfect...

i like to experiment and have fun...i like it when shoots take on a life of their own and go in a direction you never expected...i like a challenge...

i enjoy fancy dress...i like looking nothing like myself...i have a vivid imagination...i love to dance...

i am a mother...

thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio...

n.b. unfortunately i don't drive, as i am a bit of a hippy...however, i like trains...has railcard, will travel...
i have always been fascinated by photography and i like to create interesting and bizarre images, be they of people or otherwise...for me, it's all about curiosity and imagery, fancy dress and decadence, rough edges and unique looks...

i have a penchant for blood, fake or otherwise...

i have a fair amount of ink...if you are specifically interested in this please send me a is all stars (outline and shading) currently starting at my right hand, travelling up my right arm and neck, and down across my back around my left hip and is constant work in progress, and i visit my artist at least every two months - as soon as i have photos taken they end up out of date!

my hair is currently shaved into a mohican...the sides are about 2-3" grown out virgin hair, the length is approximately 6-7" of pink and purpleness...i have a fringe framing my face...

Reviews from other members

There are 7 positive recommendations for pictsie Click here to read them all
Elle_Black recommends pictsie
Added by Elle_Black on 07 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

What a wonderful, fabulous, beautiful, glorious individual! An absolute pleasure and honour to even meet this lady - book her if you can! Highly reccomended!
csace recommends pictsie
Added by csace on 17 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

awesome, intelligent, freaky, playful and creative. Expressive gesture and a variety of looks on tap. A joy to collaborate with again...thank you!
acroshaw recommends pictsie
Added by acroshaw on 08 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Had my first shoot with sorrel, pre comms excellent, what can I say, lovely lovely girl with amazing eyes and hair, works hard to make the shoot a success, and great company to spend a few hours in! Sorrel has tons of ideas, and being a tog herself a really patient attitude when you're faffing with your lights, she also has some amazing outfits and knows how to pose in them, highly recommended and I cant wait to see what the next shoot produces!! ant x
cgwebster recommends pictsie
Added by cgwebster on 29 April 2010, shoot arranged for October 2009

I’ve worked with Sorrel a number of times now and each occasion has been an absolute pleasure and a lot of fun. Sorrel collaborates in constructive and creative ways to really help make an idea or a concept work. She is 100% reliable and I can highly recommend her to anyone.
Oh, and she has very nice legs too :-)
HatterArts recommends pictsie
Added by HatterArts on 14 April 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Was wonderful to work with pictsie and we are planning another shoot! If you get the chance book her!!
Added: 13 July 2010
Title: fans and roundabouts...
Copyright: ant croshaw
Photographer: acroshaw
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Added: 09 May 2010
Title: heavy night..?
Copyright: colin webster
Photographer: cgwebster
View Image
Added: 09 May 2010
Title: strength in the stars
Copyright: nick lawrence
Photographer: Mr_Nick
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Added: 09 May 2010
Title: twisted yoga...
Copyright: john ogden
Photographer: csace
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Added: 15 April 2010
Title: did i make a mess..?
Copyright: colin webster
Photographer: cgwebster
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Added: 15 April 2010
Title: burgundy curtsey
Copyright: luke the madhatter
Photographer: HatterArts
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