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Farnham Studio

Farnham Studio

ID Number:136772
Business Name:Farnham Studio
Address 1:Farnham
Country:United Kingdom
Phone:01252 850792
Mobile:07905 746063
Date Joined:29 May 2008
Last Updated:29 December 2012
Last Login:13 March 2015
Farnham Studio now open Mon to Fri only. 10 am to 9 pm
Minimum booking of 3 hours at £25 per hour.

Please see full terms and conditions on website.

Equipped with Studio flash and meter. 4 Interfit EX-150 Mk 2 Twin kits 2 x soft box 2 x brollies and a beauty dish. IR flash remote to trigger flash without cords.

Set in beautiful surrounding countryside is a lovely cottage with gardens and a very large room for shooting glamour etc.

See the Model Directory to choose from, local models available also nationwide models for full day shoots.

It is located 10 minutes away by car in a village just outside Farnham Surrey.

The room comes with old furniture a large bay window and old fireplace.

The bed is a queen fourposter with matching furnishings, with a new solid wooden floor.

Bedroom, Garden & Lounge only available.

Ideas of Distance to the studio by car

Littlehampton 1hr 20 mins, Crawley 1hr 5 min, Redhill 58 mins, Sutton 1hr 3 mins
Richmond On Thames 52 mins, Pinner 1hr 3 mins, Rickmansworth 57 mins,
High Wycombe 1hr, Oxford 1hr 15 mins, Reading 42 mins, Watford 1hr 3 mins
Central London 1hr 12 mins, Portsmouth/Southampton 56 mins
Bournemouth 1hr 19 mins

More images at

Studio Lighting Tuition & Coaching

At Farnham Studio we offer a range of 1 – 2 – 1 tuition in studio lighting techniques. The modules offered maybe enjoyed separately, or in combination for on-going coaching.

The courses offered will be adapted to suite individual learning needs, and are therefore suitable for a range of abilities, from beginner to aspiring professionals.

Basic Course (2 Hrs £150)

Master The Basics Of Studio Use & Lighting 2 hrs

Introductory Courses (2 Hrs £150)

Mixing Flash & Window Light 2hr

Studio Portrait Basics 2hrs

High Key Portraits & Low Key Portraits 2hrs

Introduction to Glamour Lighting 2hrs

Introduction to Art Nude Lighting 2hrs

Introduction to Boudoir Photography 2hrs

Advanced Courses (3 Hrs £225)

Advanced Lighting Techniques In Glamour.

Advanced Lighting Techniques in Art Nude.

Advanced Lighting Techniques in Portraiture

Advanced Lighting Techniques Boudoir

Terms & Conditions
All prices include studio time, model hire & tuition.
The amount covered will vary based upon previous knowledge and learning ability.

Prior knowledge or attendance on the Basic course is advised before the introductory courses.
Prior knowledge or attendance on the relevant introductory course is essential before the advanced course.

Reviews from other members

There are 26 positive recommendations for farnham Click here to read them all
Jake41 recommends farnham
Added by Jake41 on 16 December 2012
Got a chance to shoot in James studio today. Have to say nothing was missing. All the lights lay out, plugged in a ready to go. The four poster bed is brilliant and gave me loads of shooting opportunties. Highly recommend. Of course it has to be the nicest smelling studio I have every worked. I will be back.
RedChecker recommends farnham
Added by RedChecker on 20 January 2012
I did a three hour shoot in one of the bedrooms in Farnham studio. An interesting location for those looking for a rustic & traditional location to work from.
sophiek recommends farnham
Added by sophiek on 12 December 2011
Visited the studio for the first time today working with James doing tuition. Had a great day. The studio is amazing. Lovely rooms to work in. Had coffee waiting when I got there as well :-) James was great to work with and picked up some tips myself from him. He is lovely kind and professional. Oh and funny ! Looking forward to going back wed. Xxx
tiinak recommends farnham
Added by tiinak on 08 December 2011
I had a great shoot at Farnham Studio a while ago with James.
Beautiful rooms and furniture, I loved the bed.
Everyone there was very friendly and made me feel welcome. Great place for shoots and I hope to be back soon. :)

jamesboswell recommends farnham
Added by jamesboswell on 07 December 2011
I love shooting at Farnham Studio. You always get a very friendly reception and nothing is too much trouble. It is a beautiful location and you can get great images, with backgrounds that are so different from many other studios. Highly recommended place to book for a shoot.
Farnham Studio
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