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ID Number:153655
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Level:Some Experience
Work Preference:Fashion
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:03 February 2009
Last Updated:27 May 2011
Last Login:12 September 2011
Building a portfolio as a model photographer. To date it's been part studio based and part location photography of models, but the bulk of my work is weddings. I photograph anything from products to pets, babies to brides.
Currently looking for a replacement studio

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Michelle recommends Studio25
Added by Michelle on 27 February 2010, shoot arranged for February 2010

Gareth arrived spot on time and he is a genuine friendly chap. He is full of idea's/poses and would be a fab photographer to learn techniques from if you are a new model.

His work is of a fab standard and he makes the most of the space in his studio.

Have no problems recommending Gareth for a shoot with anyone. :)
ShazA1 recommends Studio25
Added by ShazA1 on 12 February 2010, shoot arranged for November 2009

I have worked and continue to work with Gareth and find him to be an excellent photographer. Gareth was the one who suggested i might try my hand at modelling and i am so glad he did as i wouldnt be doing what i am doing now and loving it if it wasnt for him and the support i have received from Studion 25.

Gareth is very good at giving directions and also letting the model have input as to the shoot he is able to put models at ease easily and i think is work is absolutely fabulous

Keep up the good work and i cant wait to work with you again soon
Shaz ;)
super_kawaii recommends Studio25
Added by super_kawaii on 13 August 2009, shoot arranged for August 2009

I would describe the shoot I had with Gareth as fun and relaxed. I got more out of the shoot than I anticipated, which is great =) Gareth allowed me to take my time whilst getting ready so that we got the best possible results. I was never rushed. Gareth is also very polite and helpful. I can see he is a talented photographer! Many thanks =)
rainbowgirl does NOT recommend Studio25
Added by rainbowgirl on 16 July 2009, shoot arranged for February 2009

I had a shoot with Gareth this weekend and it was very enjoyable. He was very professional and it was a nice introduction for me as he gave me lots of direction but was also very receptive to my input and what I wanted to get out of the shoot. I can't wait to see the pictures :-)
HOWEVER: Update as of July 2009: I have not received my pictures from Gareth and I don't believe he has any intentions of sending them to me; on that basis, don't bother!
missmagda recommends Studio25
Added by missmagda on 30 April 2009, shoot arranged for April 2009

I had a shoot with Gareth yesterday. i loved it. He was very thoughtful and we got on great. We were lucky the weather was brilliant and we got some great shots both outside and in the studio. Gareth works very professionally and always considers the model. I've already seen some of the photos and i love them. I cant wait to see the rest. I Highly recommend him and i hope we work together again.
Added: 04 February 2009
Title: Luba & Maria
Copyright: Studio 25
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Added: 03 February 2009
Title: Luba @ Sobar Clitheroe
Copyright: Studio 25
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Added: 03 February 2009
Title: Maria advertising new vodka
Copyright: Studio 25
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Added: 06 February 2009
Title: Makeover test
Copyright: Studio 25
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Added: 03 February 2009
Title: ChloƩ as Red Riding Hood
Copyright: Studio 25
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Added: 18 February 2009
Title: Makeover
Copyright: Studio 25
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