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Steve Guy

Steve Guy

ID Number:138940
Member type:Photographer
Country:United Kingdom
Level:Some Experience
Work Preference:Lingerie
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:05 July 2008
Last Updated:06 January 2015
Last Login:28 December 2016
Getting back into photography after a break of quite a few years. Digital is good!

It was a long time ago (30 years!!), but I have worked at wedding photography, a couple of biggish fashion shows, and assorted portraiture. I mostly still don't get my thumb over the lens, or 20 pictures of my left ear.
OK, time for an update. My main, but not exclusive, interest is portraiture, art nude, and lifestyle. I would also be interested in trying the gothic style and similar alternative approaches. My overall intent is to get behind the pose to capture the individual.

I am hoping to find models in my area who might be interested in TFP to try and build a portfolio. Costs may be balanced against TFP by arrangement, or if the model wants to limit publication. All depends upon the deal, which needs to be arranged before the day.

I have a serious intent to try and produce top quality pictures at all levels, and if I’m good enough the intention is to go at least semi pro in a year or so. Trouble is, quite a few models seem not to want to work with a tog unless he is 'good'. Well, how the hell did they get good? Practice. The same can be said of models.

I have recently invested in a small portable studio flash setup, complete with background/s and am willing to travel a fair way for the right model, whether paid or TFP. The further the location, the better the arrangements have to be though.

I need practice to develop my skills. To that end, I am willing to negotiate joint copyright on any pictures taken, even on paid shoots, at least until I get good. I will also say that my interest is totally confined to photography. This seems to need saying. Until I signed up with this board I never realised how many DOM are using photography as a front for perving. That ain't me!

I do have quite a serious philosopy on photography, particularly in respect of adult work. I won't post it here, but of you're really interested, or need something to help you sleep at night, I'll send a summary! :-D

Well, other activities have taken my time recently, so I've not had much time to indulge, photographically speaking. Now I'm starting to look around for an inspiring model to start up again.

Reviews from other members

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BitterSweetHeart recommends Sdeve
Added by BitterSweetHeart on 14 January 2015, shoot arranged for December 2014

Had a wonderful shoot with Sdeve, he is a very nice man to get along with and look forward to possibly shooting with him again!!
JaneWeiss recommends Sdeve
Added by JaneWeiss on 05 December 2008, shoot arranged for December 2008

Worked with Steve at Phoenix Studio in Long Eaton. Found him to be friendly and imaginative. I look forward to our next shoot.
Added by Doomed_Angel on 02 September 2008
I've worked with Steve a few times now and he's great, full of ideas and willing to try anything. Had a really great shoot with him last night and got some photo's I'm really happy with. I can't wait to work with him again!
Added by SamanthaAlexandra on 06 August 2008
Worked with Steve, yesterday had a great shoot with him! i hope to work with him again sometime in the future as we had a great laugh! and i hope we got some great images!
Added by angelof1983 on 26 July 2008
Had a shoot with Steve today. Great guy, got on really well and he's very professional. Great ideas and we're already planning the next shoot
Artistic Nude
Steve Guy
Added: 09 August 2010
Title: Waiting Is
Copyright: Sdeve 2010
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Steve Guy
Added: 05 January 2015
Title: Tied
Copyright: Sdeve
Model(s): BitterSweetHeart
Comments: 1
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Steve Guy
Added: 05 January 2015
Copyright: Sdeve
Model(s): BitterSweetHeart
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Steve Guy
Added: 29 August 2008
Title: Sticks
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Fine Art Nude
Steve Guy
Added: 29 July 2008
Title: With shawl
Copyright: Sdeve 2008
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Steve Guy
Added: 09 August 2008
Title: Smile
Copyright: Sdeve 2008
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Steve Guy
Added: 05 January 2015
Model(s): BitterSweetHeart
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