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ID Number:169502
Member type:Photographer
Region:South Yorkshire
Country:United Kingdom
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Fashion
Date Joined:01 September 2009
Last Updated:22 May 2015
Last Login:17 September 2015

I'm currently not working at all, due to a long-term serious illness, but I check for and reply to messages as regularly as I can.

For the past few years I have photographed female models on a very regular basis. I enjoy working in a professional, but relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I'm easy to get on with and if you lack experience I'm happy to give direction if required.

I've had a lot of experience shooting models from amateurs to professionals, from this and other sites and I'm always willing to work with models interested in lingerie and glamour styles. I shoot mostly at my home studio in Sheffield but will also consider location/home shoots. I'm happy to work on a TF basis with new or existing models if it will be of mutual benefit. I've had work published in national magazines (Nuts and That's Life) and on the web.

My style of photography is clearly displayed in my portfolio, I don't pretend that my work is particularly 'arty', it is what it is and I make no apology for it, though I am happy to work with you on any interesting ideas you might have if you think I can be of assistance.

So if you are interested in working with me, you can either message me here or through my website, and I'll be pleased to discuss a shoot with you providing it is on a TF basis. I don't hire models to shoot for fun so please no 'here's my rates - book me' messages. When I have paid work available, I'll either message you directly or use a casting call.

Below I've put together a few notes which give more information as to how I prefer to work. Please read these thoroughly before getting in touch.

All models with whom I work are treated professionally and with friendliness and courtesy. I expect to be treated similarly. I try to ensure that models feel as comfortable and at ease at all times. I hope you'll agree that the 160+ 100% positive reviews and feedback, I've received so far, clearly show this.

Models need to be completely reliable and as dedicated as I am. If you arrange a shoot and can't keep the appointment, I expect reasonable notice, so I have the chance to make alternative arrangements. Negative feedback will be left, for models who no-show, or cancel within 18 hours of the shoot who don't have a valid and genuine reason.
I insist that we exchange contact phone numbers so that I can check with you before the shoot and to keep in touch on the day whilst travelling, should the need arise. No phone number equals no shoot.

I don't work with chaperones present on a shoot, they are unnecessary and an unwelcome distraction in the professional situation. Chaperones can make the model feel self-conscious therefore inhibiting her performance, they can cause disruption to the flow of the shoot by distracting the model or the photographer, they can sometimes even attempt to try to direct the shoot, and that's all before we get onto MY personal security issues!
Exceptions will be made, of course, if there are special circumstances, eg: under 18 yrs, language difficulties, disability or a medical condition etc, but these must be made clear to me before the shoot is confirmed, not after.

If you're new and need reassurance please read the feedback/reviews and even check with previous models before agreeing to work with myself or indeed any other member. Most models should be happy to message you back in this regard, giving you their 'off the record' opinions.

I have no objection to someone bringing you who wishes to satisfy themselves that everything's above board before leaving and picking you up later, and you are, of course, completely free to text someone to let them know that you're safe during natural breaks in shooting.

Unless I've agreed to a special arrangement for a TF shoot I'll give upto 30 images, edited, cleaned, retouched and resized (with logo) for your personal use as a model. These will be selected by you immediately after the shoot is over when we've both reviewed all the images and these will be made available to you within 7 working days post-shoot, either on a CD or as a secure download. I don't give out unedited images and no images will be available on the day.

Reviews from other members

There are 169 positive recommendations for Mansell Click here to read them all
vixiev recommends Mansell
Added by vixiev on 09 May 2014, shoot arranged for May 2014

Second shoot today with mansell, and just as fun as the first!

have shot both glamour style and art nude with mansell, at his home and on locationand both times i've been very happy with results!
the shoot was relaxed, fun, creative and a good

cannot wait to see the final images, some really good stuff! would defiantly recommend and will be working with again
JenNev recommends Mansell
Added by JenNev on 18 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Mansell was professional with lots of advise and really easy to get along with. He is open to ideas and suggestions and the outcome is well worth it.
SamanthaAlexandra recommends Mansell
Added by SamanthaAlexandra on 06 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

I shot with Mansell this week at my home. And Im happy we finally got to work together, he was so easy to get along with and a joy to work with. He came fully prepared, knew exactly what he wanted to shoot and we got the job done! We also had some great conversations and the shoot flew by! I'd recommend Mansell to any model and I hope to shoot with him again x
silkythighslou recommends Mansell
Added by silkythighslou on 05 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

I answered a casting call and was lucky enough to be chosen for Mansell's requirements.
Preshoot communication was spot on, everything explained and agreed.

Mansell was incredibly easy to get along with, very professional, our combined efforts I believe will have produced exactly what was required.

Hospitality was faultless, the chatter banter and jokes flowed easily .
More than happy to recommend and would love to work with again in the future.
CallyDoll1 recommends Mansell
Added by CallyDoll1 on 17 February 2014, shoot arranged for February 2014

This is now my 4th time shooting with Mansell, every time he makes it hard for me to choose images for my portfolio as he gets every shot perfect! He takes fantastic shots! Mansell is great at giving direction and knows what he wants from the shoot, gives great advice and great communication. I love every minute shooting with Mansell and we get shots every single time without fail!! Thoroughly enjoyed today's shoot thank you again Mansell I cannot wait to see the final outcomes and to book a shoot again.
Cally xx
Added: 24 May 2014
Title: Gemma Louise
Model(s): Miss_Gemma_Louise
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Added: 15 April 2014
Title: Samantha
Model(s): SamanthaAlexandra
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Added: 18 April 2014
Title: Jen
Model(s): JenNev
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Added: 14 March 2014
Title: Vixie V
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Added: 26 March 2014
Title: Louise
Model(s): silkythighslou
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Added: 25 February 2014
Title: Cally
Model(s): CallyDoll1
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Added: 18 October 2013
Title: Cally
Model(s): CallyDoll1
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Added: 08 April 2013
Title: Elaine
Model(s): seeryder
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Title: Elle
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