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Added by Lina_Luxe - 8 July 2015
I had an absolutely superb shoot with Andy.... He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him to any model who is lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with him also. A perfect gentleman, Andy made me feel completely at ease the entire time I spent in Scotland. His communication is second to none and I was never left feeling unsure of any progress with the plans for our shoot from first contact. Andy works flawlessly with an exquisite eye for detail and his creativity flows effortlessly..... I would not hesitate in arranging future shoots with him...... LLx
Added by Bellalockely - 19 Oct 2014
If Your the type of model who will appreciate an amazing location to shoot and tantalising conversation Andy is your guy. All arrangements contracts travel etc are completed with excellent communication so u know what's expected of you and what to expect yourself. Every detail is planned to perfection because of this I felt safe and relaxed, Even climbing into slippery waterfalls I knew with Andy there I'd be in the best of hands, He explained everything clearly and I knew we would end up with amazing images as in Andys profile he does explain that he doesn't do dull!!! (I assure you he doesn't. ) Andy will have an exact idea of how the final image should look so the direction he gives you is superb. It was an amazing experience for my modelling career and for me. One afternoon I sat and watched him as he cleaned his cameras and had a quiet thought to myself....."This guy takes pride n care in his work." Totally professional , relaxed and funny Andy is highly recommended! !! I'm sure he will have greatness in all of his endeavours !!!! Thank you
Added by lauralola - 21 June 2014
I have a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with Andy in the Scottish highlands, he is very easy company and a true professional to work with! Communications were straight forward and prompt and all travel and accommodation taken care of to high standard and with ease. I cannot wait to see the finished results as they looked amazing on the back of the camera! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this guy to any model, if you get a chance to work with him, take it!
Added by Enigmatise1981 - 31 March 2014
I had the great pleasure of working with Jivago (Andy) very recently. We had a weekend shoot up in Edinburgh. I had never been before so Andy showed me around all the sights. The shooting was very relaxed and Andy was great company. I was extremely well looked after. All in all, a very enjoyable weekend!! I highly recommend Andy to any model. Thanks Andy
Added by slimline000 - 23 Oct 2012
Had a fantastic five day shoot with Andy in the Highlands and as a amateur model i have to say i am more than impressed! Andy approach, preparation, eye for detail and drive is definitely not a force to reckoned with! Everything was very well planned and straight forward! Andy is a fantastic host, intelligent, kind, and looked after my every need. I couldn't recommend him more highly. The shots looked fantastic and i cant wait to see the finished result!
Added by RebekkaRaynor - 21 Aug 2012
You'd be mad to turn down a shoot with Andy. I echo the sentiment that it's more akin to a 'working' holiday. He keeps a relaxed yet upbeat pace, knows what he wants from a shot and is eloquent in conveying it. While initial correspondence may be formal in manner, there is good cause. He puts a great deal of effort into locations and is an excellent host and conversationalist. More so, the shots on camera looked stunning, so I wait with bated breath at the finished results!
Added by missloulou - 3 Oct 2011
If you get an offered a shoot with Andy, you’ll be mad to turn it down. I’ve recently come back from a 5 day trip to the highlands and what an awesome 5 days it was! Andy was very organised when it came to planning the shoot, got sent a models briefing which told me everything I needed to know. Also spoke with Andy loads on the phone so any questions I needed to know was answered. As for the shoot itself he was very enthusiastic and had a great eye for detail so it was a great pleasure to be able to shoot with him. He went out of his way to look for locations including pulling me across a swamp in a canoe! Andy’s easy to talk too and we had a right laugh, can’t wait to shoot with him again!!
Added by kirstyclaireas - 2 Aug 2011
I had the pleasure of a 5 day shoot with Andy. He is kind and thoughtfull and excellent company. He is an intellegent and inspired photographer and certainly pushes for his exact shots. I am exceptionally excited about adding his pictures to my portfolio, and working with him again in the future. What an honour to have a shoot with the exceptional equipment he uses.
Added by EstrellaDelArte - 20 Jan 2010
A rare commodity indeed - What a really fascinating clever man and an a talented artist he is! I have known Andy since 2005 when we did our first shoot together. He has always shown himself to be very bright, highly imaginative and a very well organised, well prepared photographer. His shoots are brimming with imagination and the results have always been wonderful and artistic. We only had a bare studio this time and it was last minute, but the shots are what I wished for. He has inspired me back into modelling. As always, he was very kind, he looked after me and I felt completely safe and relaxed in his entertaining company. Shoot with him - If you can pin him down - Estrella
Added by rhinodancer - 22 Nov 2009
I can, without hesitation, recommend Andy. He is highly professional, incredibly tallented and an inspiration. He has a great eye for detail, a passion for art and has very good, original ideas. Shooting with him has been an awe-inspiring experience and I would shoot with him again without a moments thought. Thank you Andy for an unforgettable shoot.
Added by Ashley3 - 7 July 2009
Worked with Andy up in the highlands last month and had a very different experience.. Same amazing pictures, Andy is very creative and a fantasic photographer who works hard and doesnt give up until he gets the perfect shot.. A great guy who really looks after the model. A very interesting and intelligent guy whose taught me alot. Thanks Andy and looking forward to working with you again.
Added by Tibby - 22 May 2009
Working with andrew has without doubt been the highlight of my modelling career so far. I had an amazing experience with an awesome imaginative, creative photographer and we produce some stunning exceptonally high quality content together. Felt safe and very comfortable. Never a dull momment!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland
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29 Oct 2018
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10 Aug 2008
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30 June 2016
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Castings 2016 - Model Required – Paid Shoots:- Program of Creative Fine Art Projects (3 Shoots) In Beautiful Landscapes (Highlands, Islands & Overseas).

Please reply with expressions of interest - AFTER reading ALL of this casting and all of my profile notes, quoting the last two words on my profile. You can apply for all the shoots or just for individual ones.

1. Take Care in Replying:- Please reply clearly including the reassurance looked for (see paragraphs 10 & 11 later below). Any replies that indicate, that these have not been read and/or omitting the specific reassurances (see below) will be overlooked:- Sorry! – But otherwise yours and my time is just wasted. :)

2. Dates – Summer 2016. 3 shoots each within mid August & mid September 2016 (There is some FLEXIBILITY with exact dates). January 2017 (overseas Azores Islands).

3. Pay: - These are paid shoots. VERY GOOD competitive rates of pay will be offered. The fee will depend upon the model, her specific experience in fine art nude shooting and the basis upon which she is working with other photographers - And on other factors. An offer will be made to suitable models, following expressions of interest. Joint copyright is agreed & shared.. Agreed usage of images only (see contract below).

4. Model Specification: - Size 8-10 (12 maximum and only if she is tall). In all cases:- Healthily slim, toned and ideally athletic, flat stomach, Height 5-3 to 5-10, Statistics guide 32-36, 23-26, 32-36 (Note:- all approximate for guidance only!), ideally with long hair and natural. (25 to 35 years old (Note:- approximate for guidance only!).

Tattoos and any piercing should be to the minimum and discreet.

Profiles shots must be representative and up to date.

An actual background in the arts and artistic inclinations of her own, are a significant bonus.

5. Locations:- Evocative, very beautiful and dramatic locations within the Scottish Highlands. For example:- Glen Coe, Glen Nevis, Isle of Skye, Beinn Eighe, Torridon. Azores Islands (hot).

6. Schedule for Each Shoot:- 10 hours shooting scheduled over roughly 3-5 days (like a ‘working holiday’).

7. Purpose & Creative Brief: - Completion of the 'An Leannan Sidhe' portfolio (see my website link below) and entry into the Hasselblad Masters 2016. The ‘Celtic Wheel of the Year’ ‘The Fire Festvels’ Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine etc etc - Intended as an exhibition. The overseas shoot will illustrate an environmental campaign.

8. Levels:- Up to fine art nude (implied) shot in landscape. NEVER! explicit. Portrait.

9. Previous Work:- Go - Blue link above.

This site is how my online work is best viewed. Hover your mouse over a shot at top left and click ‘Dim the Lights’.

10. Reassurances - Ability to Undertake Longer Shoots:- These shoots are something of an ‘expedition’. The model would ideally be highly independent and certainly without ties or commitments, that would restrict or interfere with participation in extended shoots in the Scottish Highlands, Islands & overseas.

11. Reassurances – Please ensure You clearly do deal with this in your reply!!! After a number of unreliability issues & let downs caused by interference from 'insecure partners' which undermined some previous shoots, I am now seeking clear specific & definite reassurance on this aspect!!!

Furthermore, after two instances of model misrepresentation on this aspect, I am being naturally very careful now.

Please don't just write "I'm 100% reliable - Its my profession etc" - The models or their 'insecure/interfearing partners' that caused previous issues all wrote the same thing.

I really don't want this to happen again!!. These shoots frequently exceed £1500 in total. That is a large investment & a risk. They represent my time away from my main profession and also from a business that I run – I trust that you will understand this – Thank you). :)

If this clear reassurance is not addressed within your reply, it will be overlooked:- Sorry :)

12. Expenses:- All reasonable travel (usually airplane or own private cabin on the 'Caledonian-Sleeper' service on the train) accommodation and food is also paid for.

13.References: - Many superb references. See my profile on PURESTORM and on PurplePort. Click to read them all.

In addition, many further superb references will be provided through my website and I will put you in direct contact with former models.

14. Formal Business Arrangements: - All my shoots are predicated on a formal contract and a comprehensive written briefing for the models. The contract protects the interests of both sides equally. The contract is intended to 'filter out' and deter models that cannot organise or commit - And who may therefore 'No Show'. My business arrangements are very formal - My shoots are very chilled out!!!!! :)

15. Prompt Communication: - Essential. :)

I look forward to suitable replies. :)

Thanks & Best regards



Hi! & Thanks for looking - Despite the initial formality in the business-like way I like to arrange shoots - Rest assured my shoots are very well known for their relaxed pace and for being great fun.

I would prefer you looked at the photographs through my own website (blue link above). Click on a shot. Let it load. Hover you mouse over the top left corner. Click 'dim the lights' and let it load again. Touch escape to return:-

Its so dull resizing photographs and posting them on these sites and as I don't do dull, I won't. I go in for minimal self promotion - I can't be bothered. (Imagery speaks more evocatively than 'hot air'). :) However, I am very passionate and highly motivated toward evocative/vibrant imagery! Therefore, a more complete portfolio of work can be seen on my website.

After something of a break in photography - I am now proactively seeking the right model(s) for possible paid assignments through 2016.

I much prefer to shoot in landscape and in natural light.

I only photograph models quite infrequently actually. However, I have been around OMP etc since 2006. Therefore, a very long list of very fine references can be provided on request. In addition, if a contract for a shoot is offered, I will put you in direct contact with previous models. Additionally, I am an approved (i.e vetted) member of the Register of Artists models (R.A.M) and my main profession requires full legal disclosure - Which is always 'clean'. :)

All shooting has previously paid the model (I don't believe in work for no pay and I believe TFP underpins much of the banalities like 'no shows'). However:- This now depends on the experience of the model, the strength of her portfolio and the basis upon which she is working with other photographers. Very good competitive rates of pay can be offered to models who can fulfill the photographic brief. Travel (usually air ticket) and hotel/cottage accommodation and subsistence is covered.

You can expect to shoot with overt artistic aspirations and to an exacting standard. My shoots are something of an 'expedition' and every model who has previously come along, has also seen them as something of a 'working holiday package' - Where they have been very well looked after, within stunning locations. The shooting is usually scheduled over 3/4 days, to allow for the weather and travel between locations. This also allows for a relaxed pace of shooting.

Models who would fit the brief:- Height and weight proportionate, healthily slender, athletic! and toned!, size 6-10 (12?), 25 - 35 years (guide only) old, flat stomach, natural, minimal tattoos, with long hair. Ideally with artistic inclinations of her own,

She would also ideally be clearly independent, but certainly without ties or commitments, that would restrict or interfere with participation in what are costly (for me) 'expeditionary' shoots in the Scottish Highlands or overseas. Repeated bad experiences, coupled with the high level of investment I put in to this (i.e the level of risk and trust) has confirmed that this in fact has to a be very important reality - And so I am now seeking specific clear reassurance on this aspect. If this reassurance is not addressed within your reply, it will be overlooked. Please do not be offended - It is a preventative approach, required because of unreliability problems in the past.

I am also open to interesting artistic collaborations. The absolute finest professional cameras (Hasselblad and Leica) and also studio equipment are used. Proactive suggestions and approaches from models who can fit the brief are welcomed! (unsolicited 'grifting' for work by 'Nuts-glamour babes' is not!). Thank you. :)

As Stated:- Many outstanding references, (in addition to those on this site), can be provided.



Very Important Notes. Please do Read:-

For Models Offered Paid Work

All my shoots are predicated on a formal contract and a comprehensive written briefing for the models. The contract protects the interests of both sides equally. As stated, these shoots are something of an 'expedition' which means I have a lot to organise. Therefore, In effect you are getting the services of an agency without having to pay a cut:- I entertain the notion that you might respect that :)

I do like to work with 'self starter's 'go-getters' and not with 'wannabees' 'flakes' or 'ego pimps'! Therefore, focus, decisive arrangements and prompt communication are essential and lack of them is a real deal breaker!!!!!! If you are busy shooting in Bermuda - Superb for you!, but other people's worlds also carry on and the 21st century is electronic ;) I have both a Government profession to pursue and a business to run and therefore time is precious! I work very considerately, but also very decisively - Let's be productive! :) Therefore, for models offered paid work:- If communication is not replied to - That is complacent and really impolite!

...And if communication is not responded to or sustained within 24 hours (24!!!) - I might consider that impolite or unorganised and also possibly unprofessional. If you are not personally 'together' enough to find a moment to sustain contact, when I am trying to arrange things - How can I be confident that you can actually get yourself to the airport on time? (You also have to get real! - In the real world a job offer expires quickly and the modern business world works at 'electronic speed' and gets up before the afternoon).

Please don't assume I am not talking with other models. In the eventuality of overly delayed communication, you should then consider it possible, that I might have moved onto another model - Who will get the work (and/or I will have forgot you?). - There are lots of polite, organised and professional models around! :)

As stated - Despite this initial formality - Rest assured my shoots are very well known for their relaxed pace and for being great fun!!!!! :)

If you are contacted and/or you are interested - I emphasise communicate quickly! :) - And 'Damn the Torpedoes'! :)

Please do note, that due to the high volume of replies, if you are unsuccessful on a particular casting occasion, I will not be able to get back to you, . I am sorry if I don't get back to you - It means you did not get that shoot. 'He who pays the piper' etc - It is the real world (It has happened to me and I got over it) ;) If I contacted you , it meant that I thought, that you had a very strong portfolio - And we could be shooting next time. :)

Best Regards

jivago :)

'Systematic Meerkats' ;)

Extensively published underwater photographer.
The Victor Hasselblad Diploma 2008
Finalist Hasselblad World Masters 2008

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