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Added 22 Nov 2011
Siras22 Nov 2011Holly, I'm sure you already know, but this is fabulous!
Jack_Russell22 Nov 2011Simply beautiful Holly...
VenusC23 Nov 2011This is one of the best shots I've seen of you
UrbanoModa23 Nov 2011Bravo,nice work
JEBPhotography26 April 2012Oh good grief.......... This is special.
lindylou223 May 2012in my view it is the best shot of you too
wolfie1 June 2012i feel i'm imposing on a beautifully sensual moment.x
paulaj7 June 2012Pure beauty Holly you have be be the best Art Nude Model in the UK Your work gets stronger and stronger every time I see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you are well honey

J_GravenImage24 June 2012Remarkable for its beauty and elegance and pure sensuality, all created with well crafted simplicity.
Good work both.
beekay26 June 2012Hi Holly, I have to agree, there is something really special about this shot.
BadBear011 Nov 2012Beautiful, simply beautiful
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