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Added 21 Nov 2011
andybramahphotograph22 Nov 2011a beautiful body nicely captured.
tony_p22 Nov 2011Stunning work - the light and shapes are both perfect.
stemyers24 Nov 2011Stunning shape
Pict29 Nov 2011Beautiful pose. Stunning figure
Sherwood21 Dec 2011Stunning!
Ralphco10 Jan 2012dito on all comments, perfect.
aura2 Feb 2012Such a beautiful image of the delicate nature and beauty of the human body. The lines, the curves, the definition, the detail. All making the make of the image so appealing to look at with fascination.
profilepictures16 Feb 2012Perfect!
emmawillis18 Feb 2012Bloody stunning
Calandra_Images18 Feb 2012Really stunning!
GlasgowPhotoMan3 April 2012What a stunningly posed and beautifully taken perfect nude study
JulianGrant2 May 2012wow
SuzyMonty30 May 2012What a beautiful figure and so wonderfully captured. Gorgeous image!
diphoto8 June 2012Stunning...No wonder this is your main profile image...A classic
SteveH329 June 2012Lovely figure and nice shot too..
paul_Lpool24 Feb 2013Brilliant
tomcamera15 March 2015Nice pose. Great model.
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