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Added 6 Nov 2011
mattharper15 Nov 2011Lovely natural pose, really nice
cymbal21 Nov 2011just stunning
razor56 Dec 2011You look amazing! Fabulous image!
ph_oto6 Dec 2011Simply Beautiful
ZaksBlackArts13 Dec 2011Yesssssss! Delightful.
mick28 Dec 2011Stunning
stevegosh3 Jan 2012PURRRFECTION
stevegosh3 Jan 2012PURRRFECTION
wq0pco28 Feb 2012Jesus, what a body; great lighting as well!
andybramahphotograph7 March 2012Classy,feminine and I love your face. A really naturally sexy image. Great body.
Harry231 March 2012Fabulous look and a great body, superb use of light, overall superb work!
kesoha23 April 2012love this picture! great light
pmeu26 April 2012That is a very nice photo, love the lighting and pose and how the left hand side is almost silhouette (especially that long nipple!) and how the lighting captures the contours of a very toned tummy. In contrast, the lighting on the face is very different, soft and flattering - yes I like this image a lot.
Johno45012 Dec 2012Superb image...lighting, pose and model..well done.
John_Adrian_Studios15 Dec 2012Beautiful.
Tintin00716 March 2013Stunningly beautiful...great pose great lighting great composition..well done to tog & model
cymbal17 March 2013I still think you are stunning
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