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Added 31 Oct 2011

The Rock

ArtemisFauna31 Oct 2011COOL!
Erinx2 Nov 2011<3 love this!!!
hulmebantam7 Nov 2011Words almost fail me for this, absolutely incredible.
Jack_Russell2 Dec 2011Love the shapes, form, contrasts, energy & calm...great work
judy31 Dec 2011Just so very very good,I love it.
Fraggle1011 Jan 2012I absolutely Love this image, I saw it and others on Rafs fb, I've got a soft spot for Norway but this is my favourite image on here and is at least top 10 ever.. I'd love to hear about how you ent about creating it and the post work.. Fantastic..
kwamea1 Jan 2012cracker jack!
PLLD2 Jan 2012Superb!
BaileyK2 April 2012so AMAZING
EllaRose31 Jan 2013Amazing location. I wanna go there!
actiongirl30 Oct 2015brilliant positive and negative shapes, the rocks all look like Henry Moore statues in their own right!
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