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Added 3 Oct 2011
reserva893 Oct 2011I love this. Great work by all involved.
steve06643 Oct 2011stunning work both model and photography
amanda27113 Oct 2011Stunning!!!!!!!!!
PHOTOROL3 Oct 2011Fab work, love them
NMP3 Oct 2011Fantastic!
UrbanoModa3 Oct 2011bravo EKD
laurenlangley4 Oct 2011omg ou amaze me you are the best model in the uk!x
Mchafs4 Oct 2011Another great look for you;great images.
mayjewell4 Oct 2011like this
Jamesr4 Oct 2011Fantastic work
ciaran4 Oct 2011Amazing shots...
photo_j5 Oct 2011Fantastic shots. These look great!!
Gbaby17 Feb 2012wow just stunning
2RRF26 April 2012Brilliant stylish pics, well modelled!
LauraMay19 Sep 2012Stunning x
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