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Added 20 Sep 2011
Harambee20 Sep 2011Yet another stunning photgraphic work of art Sharon, to add to your already beautiful portfolio! Love the colours and your eye contact... BRILLIANT!!
acroshaw21 Sep 2011fantastic
andybramahphotograph25 Sep 2011lovely elegant underwear shot. fab body for this kind of work.
images_of_desire2 Oct 2011Like ... !
DesD25 Oct 2011Gorgeous as usual! Beautiful image.
SheardImages9 Oct 2011Fit bird, sorry not very professional I know just thinking out loud, you look absolutely stunning.
StefenDicks13 Oct 2011Simply Beautiful. x
udcmm74 Nov 2011Breathtaking.
Byron7 Nov 2011Elegant. Top shot!
SteveH322 July 2012Beautiful shot xx
diphoto13 Sep 2012Beautiful, natural & relaxed lingerie shot
stevebray17 Oct 2013Stunning image
JGDTOG16 Oct 2014Beautifull
pastis5 Nov 2014i like this one !
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