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Added 23 Aug 2011

The Piano

Own 1950's Wedding Dress
Mimi_C23 Aug 2011This is stunning!
Vijay20235 Sep 2011love this one
Harajukufashion7 Sep 2011Very lovely!
gattoviola16 Sep 2011Love!
CLIC_Photography20 Oct 2011just gorgeous! love it.
Grez31 Oct 2011this is an amazing image
steve066414 Aug 2012just everything works about this image ,and choise of model two
Gently_Erotic28 Sep 2012Lovely indeed - but with just a little touch of a threat in your gaze... Almost sinister...
Nel056 Oct 2012wow, what an excellent model, great shot and clearly an excellent photographer
Martin_D_Jones24 Oct 2012Stunning!
Boomerboy825616 Nov 2012I love it!!
magpie7216 June 2013AWESOME, simply AWESOME!
scubie29 Jan 2014Beautiful, such an elegant timeless look. eyes look like they are saying "Don't interrupt when I'm playing". well done love it
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