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Added 19 Aug 2011
Mike10331 Aug 2011Seriously gorgeous ... well done ... both of you!
Erinx7 Sep 2011Wow! Girly this is beautiful!! Its great to see how much you have come along in such a short amount of time! Keep it up x
Ralphco21 Sep 2011Breathtakingly stunning. I'm quite a naff photographer, only joining the ranks of PS to find models for art projects, but shots like this plus post production work make me want to throw my camara in the bin....
gheynen15 Jan 2012Love the softness of this image absolutely gorgeous!
jes16 Jan 2012Awesome!
BOBREEVES25 Jan 2012One word............beautiful Bob R.
Purple_Girl15 March 2012This is really lovely, gorgeous tones and very flattering on you.
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