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Added 17 July 2011
DeeElegia17 July 2011This is awesome. Totally filmic and openly interpretable on so many levels.
photo_j18 July 2011That's superb!
Fragiled18 July 2011This is the only image that has made me want to comment, in quite some time. Great work
beauvoir18 July 2011Aww, cheers guys. x
Daveb21 July 2011Like the eye contact with the camera
strongnick25 July 2011Love it.
dr_raj25 July 2011very powerful image
Hotshooter27 July 2011love your folio missy!
Jack_Russell17 Sep 2011So cool!
Lee200827 Sep 2011Not all pictures tell a story, but this one does. The composition, the colour treatment, everything about it works x
Fox200620 March 2012love this one!
SuzyMonty26 Nov 2012Those eyes of yours say everything! Wicked shot on every level. Hitchcock would have loved you in one of his movies...
shadow_show4 Aug 2013simply wow ..cool as f**k image
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