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Added 10 July 2011
tardis100012 July 2011Amazing. Love this
jemmak20 July 2011I love this image, simple yet mesmorising. Well done
IRONBLOKEMAN24 July 2011The best pic on your profile
JoelHicks12 Oct 2011Very captivating...
CLIC_Photography20 Oct 2011"I aim to create the most perfect image"

I think you have
Peter_D_Photography28 Oct 2011Beautiful
Grez31 Oct 2011Brilliant
profilepictures8 Nov 2011'POW' This is bloody lovely!
ph_oto4 Dec 2011There is something very special about this image.
block2pictures6 Dec 2011Love this.
GlasgowPhotoMan29 Dec 2011This is just a cracking image, love it
gerda_babbii13 Aug 2012wow this is stunning x
tomhl27 Sep 2012Beautiful.
IvoryFlame4 June 2013Beautiful narative, tones and mood
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