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Added 15 June 2011
seamist28 June 2011Love this pic of you Shaz you look lovely : )
shane994 July 2011Classy sexy, cant beat it, great work.
Mr_Trompie4 July 2011beautiful work
Harambee26 Aug 2011One of my favourite images. So eligant and stylish; beautiful pose, facial expression and brilliant eye contact. With the photographer capturing that perfect moment - this really is great great team work!! Well done to both
gheynen19 Oct 2011Great capture!
JustGill3 Jan 2012So cool and sweet shot.
kingfisher_hope30 May 2012Gorgeous
Brian_Markie29 Aug 2012Yes yes yes, an English woman relocated.
SteveH3219 Nov 2014Very nice !
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