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Added 14 June 2011
George100215 June 2011absolutely beautiful!
ian20015 June 2011awesome shot
Simon_P15 June 2011Beautifully done.
rachael870815 June 2011WOW!! This is stunning!! x
lucylulu15 June 2011so so stunning, just love this image!
MG15 June 2011Love your work! A true inspiration to all that are interested in art! Keep it up! This shot is beautiful!
CSD_Images16 June 2011wonderful interpretation for beauty amongst ruins, simply beautiful.
MichelleMonaghan17 June 2011Wow what an absolutely gorgeous picture - Fantastic work
Charlye17 June 2011This is stunning! beautiful imagery
welshbloke17 June 2011stunning
Elle_Black1 Nov 2011Thank you!
girlwithyellowhair19 Nov 2011This is overwhelmingly beautiful!
MissChloe7 July 2012The location is wonderful!!! I love the ballerina shots
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