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Added 10 June 2011
StudioPix11 June 2011Awesome shot, 10/10, I love it! well done both of you
sirspread16 June 2011wow adreena thats a fantastic shot.........top stuff well done
Calandra_Images29 July 2011Amazing work!
Orkadia17 Aug 2011Fabulous shot from every perspective!
RupertRudd22 Aug 2011Bloody hell! That's a compliment to you, Tisbury and anyone involved.
photoprogo5 Sep 2011Great photo Adreena! Lovely lighting John.

I often end up in a similar predicament when I'm trying to put my tent up too! lol
jacksphotos198715 Sep 2011starjump fail
MaoZhu7 Oct 2011Fabulous shot, great work by both model and tog
BicycleRacer21 March 2012'Tell me when you are ready to take the shot and I will look up' !!
bdfoto22 Nov 2012Undoubtedly one of the best artistic bondage shots I have ever seen. Well done to model, rigger and photographer.
Mike_W7 Feb 2013Great shot. I agree with the other comments
Enigmatic17 Dec 2013Congratulations!
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