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Added 10 June 2011
Peter_D_Photography11 June 2011Wow ... this is awesome!
paolo_d14 June 2011amazingly beautiful images... paolo d
cziiki14 June 2011Amazing! you like insects and scorpions crawling on you? At least he will keep you warm.
MattButlerPhoto28 June 2011very nice image! love it!
GlynT5 July 2011This is fantstic Illy!!
illy_xx7 July 2011thank you for the kind words...and yes....IT IS REAL x
caoli20 July 2011Yes its real and its scientific name is Grammastola pulchra. A Brazilian Black Tarantula.
GWP24 Nov 2011"Chin on floor" Stunning Image ! Inspirational
illy_xx25 Nov 2011thank you very glad i plucked up enough courage to do it x
NatashaJBella20 Feb 2012Wow! Fantastic image. Well worth plucking up the the courage.
Mike_W27 Feb 2012Superb shot
kevinuk12 June 2012this jumped off the page at me stunning image
UWtog4 Oct 2012WOW!! well done you! Cracking image
tmp8 Oct 2012great shot well done all three of you :0)
BicycleRacer9 Oct 2012Scared me !!
digitalmood23 June 2013brilliant concept - brilliantly executed
Tigerman31 Jan 2014Breath-Taking
Avanti28 June 2014OMG!
tomcamera19 Nov 2015Nice photo.
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