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Added 9 June 2011

The Incredible Raphaella

It's real !
pinkbuildingphotography9 June 2011Where is that.

I am feeling sick just by looking down under the rock.
pinkbuildingphotography9 June 2011Am scared of heights.

beautiful picture.

Raphaella is brilliant
ashleycameron9 June 2011It's in Norway and no you don't want to look down, that's way too scary. 1000m drop below.
silverlight14 June 2011Urrummm - Brilliant !
BaileyK16 June 2011My gosh she is BRAVE!
Harambee30 July 2011This is absolutely brilliant and beautiful work! Your image certainly grabbed my attention, great job!
Hotshooter30 July 2011this is incredible!!! Love it!
tomhl25 Sep 2011Amazing photo - if not completely mad. Love your portfolio!
DanielaMoreno19751 Nov 2011Bloody Brilliant, held my breath as i looked at the image!
Lifescapes1 Nov 2011The audacity of this is truly breathtaking. Wonderful image.
whosthatgirl1 Nov 2011How brave?!
just Wow!
Paul_Jones1 Nov 2011WOW! Just WOW!
Erinx2 Nov 2011Amazing!! Actually turns my stomach a lil.. but in a good way!! Bravo!
garymck8 Nov 2011Is she really on that rock? Fab but scary too Im so worried for Raph
Jack_Russell2 Dec 2011FML!! That rocks!
JenSomerfield5 Dec 2011One word - WOW
N_A_Photography31 Dec 2011Truly amazing so brave to you wouldn't get me anywhere near the ledge let alone the rock well done both of you
GWPhotography2 Jan 2012Wow i'm speechless
Aesthetique28 Jan 2012Awesome location, I tip my metaphorical hat!
KellyLT29 Jan 2012WOW this is amazing! x
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