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Added 17 April 2011
butterfly tattoo has been edited out of this picture
63jian17 April 2011Lovely Photo, soft, sensual and a great pose

Well done
andybramahphotograph17 April 2011great natural nude. fab figure.
Lenz17 April 2011Beautiful! Lenz.
taff_photo19 April 2011Simply Stunning
Calandra_Images8 May 2011This is just gorgeous - excellent work!
Dan5 June 2011Stunning image
Hotfrog15 June 2011Beautiful image!
EvolutionaryMike25 Aug 2011Beautiful image.
pel111 Sep 2011you have become my "must work with in the future", fantastic work. x
DCox3 Nov 2011it really shows your lovely figure..nice picture
2RRF3 Nov 2011Lovely model, great body, great pose, brilliant shot and processing. Nice 1.
tenchy6 Nov 2011I love the processing, great pose, and stunning Belle.
Byron9 Nov 2011Beautiful. Well done both.
HarryC24 Nov 2011Absolutely stunning picture. Beautiful pose and a fabulous model. Well done!
reserva8923 April 2012lovely figure, nice pose.
BrazenDivas23 April 2012Beautiful - a very refreshing change, well done.
Rawandthecooked24 April 2013Nice work!
Sendall26 Aug 2013Beautiful sensual pose
snapzz24 Oct 2013nice pose spot on..
SteveH3211 Dec 2013Wow
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