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Added 1 April 2011
julie_burville2 April 2011Awesome with a capital 'A'..
orsoncarter4 April 2011Bloody 'ell! Wonderful idea, superbly executed. Absolutely brilliant.
icandyNJPModel5 April 2011What the others have commented with a added WOW! brilliant image well done to photographer and model!x
abi_louisa6 April 2011This is amaziiiing!!
Beata23 April 2011Fantastic. Congratulations for the model and photographer.
rickmilnes21 May 2011good work all round (including the dummy!)
NMP23 July 2011This is one of my favourite images. Great shot!
EmmaMayCops20 Sep 2011This is fantastic!!!!
HelenClaire7724 Jan 2012YES!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! <3
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