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Added 20 March 2011
Calandra_Images24 April 2011Beautifully done, stunning work!
andybramahphotograph3 May 2011lovely relaxed nude.
clarmike22 May 2011most beautiful pic with the model shown to great advantage, well done
Peter_D_Photography26 Aug 2011I likes this one ....... Good eye contact and nice framing and lighting
Grez7 Oct 2011Perfect
Adamevo22 Oct 2011perfection
Squirty12 Nov 2011Beautiful face and stunning figure...
Enigmatic12 Dec 2011Beautiful
Digitizer3 Dec 2012Excellent image x
prodfoto16 Dec 2012Great shoot !
I wish one day we do a shoot together if you willing travel to Paris ))
And if you like my pictures ^^
shank_ali31 Dec 2012Nice pose and very athletic body.Will have to take a closer look at your portfolio for a future booking.....
Gray5211 Jan 2013Very nice tastefull nude image of a great looking model, very nice work.
Damian_Ryan21 Jan 2013My very favourite of you so far!
Digitalelegance6 March 2013Very cool sensual image - great lighting effect, and a great face! - excellent eye contact.
Made me want to hire you.
wq0pco23 March 2013Fabulous!!
SteveH322 Dec 2013Gorgeous shot
SteveH3228 Dec 2013Gorgeous pic
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