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Added 11 March 2011
RazorSharpImages11 March 2011Lighting from the Gods !
Steve_M11 March 2011Stunning use of light. Great pose too.
2RRF11 March 2011Excellent!!
clarmike21 Sep 2011Hi, This is the super pic to which I was referring. Do you remember the crazy model.
Deemac7 Oct 2011This is a fantastic shot. The pose and ligthing is suberb.
KayleighLush19 Jan 2012Unbelievable lighting!!! This is mind blowing!
frankcowie21 April 2012Love this shot and the lighting.
jac4925 May 2012Outstanding technical and artistic achievement!!!

Wish I was this good!!
AndyMilne18 Aug 2012Superb....
Pixel_Sensation10 Oct 2012Pose great, lighting bloody fantastic!
KittyQuinzell1 Nov 2012beautiful use of lighting, highly flattering to the models skintones
ZaraWatson26 Dec 2012Perfection!
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