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Added 23 Jan 2011

9 months

pregnancy study - time delay!
kimb6 May 2011aww i wish id have done something like this, they look fab
yorkshire_astronaut24 May 2011Amazing picture mate! Great idea for a project and a wonderful momento for the model, just what photgraphy is all about!
Boomerboy825625 May 2011What a fantastic idea and a great image, very good indeed.
JodyLauren9127 June 2011This is BRILLIANT!
DebzCM15 July 2011This is beautiful!
SplitSecondPhotography12 Aug 2011This is brilliant. Awesome idea!
xtiggerx9 Oct 2011truely a stunning shot rich,wonderfully put together
lauz0014111 Nov 2011Rich this is amazing!! What an idea. If i ever have another bambino you shall be doing something similar for me.. Brilliant =] x
summerbrook7 Jan 2012what a beautiful idea x
krista00128 Jan 2012I like this rich its a shame i dont live on ur doorstep Xx
ElleBridges24 May 2012this has got to be one of my favourite shots, its stunning you must be very proud of this
pmeu30 Oct 2012Superb, just brilliant. Great idea and beautifully executed. Bet the model is absolutely thrilled with this
carshaltonkev6 Dec 2012I have to say wow! A great idea and great execution!
alanwilson27 Dec 2012Well executed indeed.
bellajackson9310 March 2014brilliant idea! this is lovely
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