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Added 16 Jan 2011


Jade_Samantha19 March 2011I've always wanted to do a shoot in a laundrette this is awesome!
Hotshooter21 March 2011Love this!! Brilliant!
kar118527 March 2011love this.i might attempt this shot lol
Emma_Morgan15 April 2011i love this x
kaiyee43 May 2011Great shot I love this x
Miss_Reba22 May 2011i love this !! GREAT location!
wendylouise3 June 2011Fabulous idea, Great creativity and angle. Well done x
PyrettaBlaze22 Sep 2011Tee hee, a sexy version of nora batty!
pammie19 Dec 2011This looks like a fun shoot love the idea
kealieahearn21 May 2012Love this .. great idea!
louise2229 May 2012this is cool
portervicky21 March 2013Hi I'd really like to do a shoot with you?!
Louise9429 Nov 2013love this!
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