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Added 4 Jan 2011
The Old Factory on The Border of Germany and Holland
Cefni3 March 2012Stunning!
Fotomondella3 March 2012Lovely model, lovely look
NataliaForrest4 March 2012Thank you very much folkes really nice xXx
JohnDuder10 March 2012Fantastic art nude shot!
orsoncarter12 March 2012Great shapes; great use of location.
NataliaForrest12 March 2012Thank you guys! xXx
Calandra_Images25 April 2012Great location and lighting, incredibly beautiful!
Dandelion13 Oct 2012Freedom, confidence, beautiful!
Real_World_Stu13 Feb 2013Simply beautiful.
tacharnley15 May 2013Always amazed by the amazing effect of black and white, makes this shot look all the more stunning. Strong and confident, beautiful.
Teaboy_London28 Oct 2013Wow! Fantastic shot, amazing pose!
ryansd21 March 2014Very good work.
SteveH3217 Feb 2015Superb shot !
rodandthefaces7 June 2015Very imaginative photograph, looks very good shot in black and white.
anTonart8 Sep 2015a really great model !
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