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Added 2 Jan 2011

Abbey Photoshoot

Ashleigh-Louise July 2009
BicycleRacer30 March 2012Nice shot, great pose, gorgeous look.
Ashlea is a very seductive looking model
tacharnley2 Sep 2012Wow, what a pose, what a model. I have wanted to call it quits with photoshoots because of the cost, but I think I may have to allow myself one more. I simply have to work with this stunna.
Hotshooter6 Dec 2012Stunning!
Brianseye14 Aug 2013Yes. I see what you mean about the location. Seems to work wonders doesn't it. Great shot
Catuaba27 Sep 2013Awesome
EmilySalsa3 Sep 2015very good
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