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Added 5 July 2010
Dedicated to those few who missed a great opportunity
Jade_Samantha12 Dec 2011LOL I love this!!! x
gerda_babbii12 Dec 2011Haha Love It x
N_A_Photography15 Dec 2011Brilliant I might start one of these myself lol
dominicdgt15 Dec 2011Hay i didn't put this here for a love-in, feel my pain!
cgwebster16 Jan 2012Makes for a nice abstract
flixiety17 Jan 2012know the feeling
lucie_jae11 Oct 2012Great idea, very creative, love it! *feeling the pain*
Dramatic_Digital17 May 2013Made me chuckle...great concept...
alanwilson12 June 2013This did make me laugh and also wish to comment on your excellent work.........
Thank you.

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