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Added 24 Feb 2010
nigel12 Feb 2011Definitely my favorite photo of you, Your just so naturally beautiful!
jes27 July 2011Pretty and natural...nice smile. Credit to the photographer too!
lahuretz15 Sep 2011love this one
Goodie7620 Dec 2011Still one of my favs!
joviol5 Jan 2012Lovely smile, great pose
wilffaulkner16 Feb 2012Still my favourite, how are you, I am coming to the UK on 9th June
louisamarie17 March 2012Lovely natural shot.. U look stunning missy x x
Chuffy18 March 2012Great shot. Love the balance of natural and fill in light. Very natural looking : )
ryansd23 March 2012amazing smile
louise226 April 2012great pic xxx
MowMow24 May 2012You are a natural gorgeous model with a amazing smile =) Thank you for your lovely comments =))) x
Squirty7 March 2013Soooo gorgeous. I LOVE that smile...
rsg75009 Dec 2013Vibrant pic! I like it a lot!
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