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Added 2 weeks ago

Hanging on for dear life

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GymnastEnPointe2 weeks agoWow this seems forever ago! Must be 7 or 8 years! That's the day we got lost in Epping Forest haha!
Thunder_Photos2 weeks ago@GymnastEnPointe, indeed. I've now found a load of photos taken that day 😁 and it was 2011
ChrisD2 weeks ago@Thunder_Photos .... The Battle Of Epping Forest ( right outside your door )
Thunder_Photos2 weeks ago@ChrisD the battle, once we found our way out the forest, was finding my car. Emma said one way, I said the other. We walked her way for ages then walked back and went my way and found my car
Thunder_Photos2 days agoWhy am I reminded of Lord of the Rings?
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