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Added 12 May 2014

The leopard rests in a tree!

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Charley198613 May 2014This is brilliant
Liteangle13 May 2014Thanks, Charley, Tillie was very brave to get up there.
Hotdrj17 May 2014Clever!
georgian_historian23 May 2014Who says models don't just hang about? This is amazing, and I don't know who's idea but I do Tillie is game for most things!
Liteangle23 May 2014My idea. As soon as I saw the beam I could envisage what I wanted and for once it worked! Thanks to Tillie.
MrJohn8 Jan 2015Great HeHe amazing !!!
paulford3 May 2015Fantastic picture must have been fun to light, I want to pinch this idea. Just need a studio with beams and white walls!
JTD9 Nov 2015Just love it
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