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Added 25 Feb 2014
george25 Feb 2014Very nice pose
pearhere4 May 2014Nice shot of you with good attitude..the photographer should know what to fix if he knows what he is doing-- that is part of his job- not just sitting back and only thinking about angles angles and letting the model do the rest as someone wrongly suggested to me . His mistakes prove my point. He should have known enough to "not" crop out the right arm and fingers. Also the arms can be made nicer. I think to improve the image he could have taken the area where the wrist is and maybe tried straightening the transition from arm to hand so that it is more gentle and gradual.. I might try taking the elbow of the right arm and moving it back more away from your other armso as to straighten the bend at the elbow which looks better. Then this also allows the wrist to be lowered a bit more and therefor allows more space under the breast- instead of covering it up and making the shot look more" crowded".
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