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Added 27 Nov 2013
steve066427 Nov 2013love this image sharon well done all
canonpro527 Nov 2013Always wanted to shoot a 1950's theme. Love it shazza.X
pmeu27 Nov 2013Bravo! what a wonderful wonderful photo - it has a texture I can almost feel with my eyes
PeterB471228 Nov 2013This s seriously beautiful
manny_bash28 Nov 2013Lovely image!
magpie128 Nov 2013Gorgeous.
leialoup28 Nov 2013Beautiful - Very elegant
ashton325329 Nov 2013How long ago was this taken ?. You look around mid 20's here. Stunning image Sharon. x
dalephoto111 Dec 2013love this shot well done
mayo4 Dec 2013Wow, amazing, so pretty
CLIC_Photography6 Jan 2014beautiful sharon x
HarryC15 Jan 2014Stunning!
JGDTOG21 Oct 2014great 1950s shot maybe we can try to recreate when we shoot in december x
JGDTOG3 Nov 2014i love this well done nice pose
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