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Added 5 Feb 2013
Carpe_Diem6 Feb 2013Really like this, you look amazing!
Darling6 Feb 2013Thank you
cohiba9 Feb 2013Fantastic, great shot!
reserva8913 Feb 2013beautiful image, good work by all involved.
canonpro51 March 2013Skillful lighting, great tones, beautiful body shapes. If the Ancient Greeks had a (Goddess of Photography) she would be called Darling. Great image.XX
Darling1 March 2013Thank you all for your lovely comments, much appreciative x
JoelHicks17 March 2013I'd love to work with you!
jschulz16 Sep 2013Gorgeous
JulianGrant13 April 2014Stunning image
pastis8 Oct 2014beautiful feminine lines ! very aesthetic !
Teko25 Nov 2015Amazing & wonderful
SteveH328 Jan 2017Nice pic, great figure
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