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Added 1 Jan 2013
raven601 Jan 2013Aaaww love the cat meow!
Blacklion1 Jan 2013Purr-fect!!
Follyhouse1 Jan 2013Love!
mattharper2 Jan 2013Cracking shot, it just happens Sarah is a great, great friend, but still a lovely shot.
kellismith2 Jan 2013This is beautiful! gorgeous capture
Fisherface2 Jan 2013Just lovely!
_elegia_2 Jan 2013Awwww!
charlene12 Jan 2013this is fantastic
xsab463 Jan 2013Absolutely beautiful.
MowMow25 March 2013awwww I love this, and I LOVE cats... amazing capture!!
camy25 March 2013adorable xx
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