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Added 6 Dec 2012
scorpileo7 Dec 2012Great shot. Love the feel
tardis10007 Dec 2012Superb
graham_f87 Dec 2012Its very rare for me to comment on images but the modelling style in this shot is exceptional. Very natural and the connection with camera is faultless. Really well done - like it!
Mcroshaw8 Dec 2012Fantastic image. Well done to all involved.
Mischkah18 Dec 2012Wow thank you for the lovely comments! It was all down to an amazing tog -George swift
Enigmatic9 Dec 2012Stunning. This image sells and stirs all the desires intended!
Glen_709 Dec 2012Fantastic image.. Well done both of you
promopix9 Dec 2012Fantastic image, class
paule12 Dec 2012nice feel to the image: pose, mood and processing.
Dom14 Dec 2012Outstanding.
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