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Added 16 Nov 2012
Lisi16 Nov 2012lovely image - beautiful face, great pose and I love the colouring and the crop.
cgwebster17 Nov 2012Really nice work, lovely bright and airy feel
thewizard12317 Nov 2012Loving this shot!!
PHOTOROL17 Nov 2012Love this, great pose, lighting and toning
Impact_Imagery17 Nov 2012Great colour style
EllaRose17 Nov 2012How beautiful.
dede17 Nov 2012WOW AMAZING IMAGE
Mr_Trompie17 Nov 2012Fabulous!
KittyQuinzell17 Nov 2012Colours are beautiful, lighting effect divine, model owns the space well, really nice shot
gerryquiff17 Nov 2012Wonderful colours and lighting. I love this.

_Elise_18 Nov 2012I never comment on images but this is gorgeous, she looks like a dancer, soo pretty
Kalashnikova18 Nov 2012This is gorgeous! x
steve066418 Nov 2012Beautifully delicate image,for me this says chic and french, great choice of model too, PERFECT
liquidkitten19 Nov 2012gorgeous! xx
Scotography19 Nov 2012Great style, lighting and model
angelique11019 Nov 2012STUNNING IMAGE!
AmyC_0119 Nov 2012Gorgeous, love everything about this image!! xx
WikkyK26 Jan 2013i like colors and model... nice work ;]]]
Suzanne_M28 Jan 2013I love everything about this image!
Jade_Isabella28 Jan 2013very pretty image
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