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Added 25 Jan 2007

Sweetpea - Turbines

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Paula07326 March 2012Hi!! your photos very amazing.i wanna ask I am suitable work with you? can you write for me private message? Thank you
dede9 April 2012this is lovely! x
SuzyMonty12 June 2012This is STILL the best wind farm picture I've seen ANYWHERE...and living here in Cornwall, they ARE everywhere...well done Bob
LyndaAnna4 Dec 2013Very clever.
Picusio9 Sep 2014That is superb! Nice work
RupertRudd23 May 2018I remember being hugely impressed when I first saw this. I'm still hugely impressed in 2018.
Bob24 May 2018Thanks Rupert. It wasn't a planned shot. Sweetpea / Dulce and I just saw the line of turbines, looked at each other, and came to exactly the same conclusion..... it just HAD to be done. Bob
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