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Added 5 Oct 2012
orsoncarter5 Oct 2012Great shapes; great lighting.
AndyHornby5 Oct 2012Absolutely fantastic. Nice work!
CLIC_Photography12 Oct 2012i could die happy if I'd taken this. Outstanding x
LimHolmes21 Nov 2012Love this
Hotshooter6 Dec 2012Love this! just perfect!
JodieEllen6 Dec 2012<3
peteb23 Dec 2012Absolutely stunning shot....bit cheeky aswell Xx
Princespick7 March 2013^_^
Blacklion14 May 2013Love the curves and lighting!
manny_bash21 July 2013Beautiful lighting!
ImageStyle17 Aug 2013Lovely.
stevebray5 Dec 2013beautiful image
Gray527 March 2014great image, stunning figure, lots of class
RealityImaging31 March 2014Really like this shot
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