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Added 26 Sep 2012
ChrisYPhotography27 Sep 2012Great work both!
SteveH3227 Sep 2012Nice image x
Richard9927 Sep 2012Great image, lovely pose!
Paul_Jones28 Sep 2012I really like this image.
perfectpic28 Sep 2012Love this image
RazorSharpImages29 Sep 2012Supremely cool image
traius25 Oct 2012Wonderful and sweet portrait.
cotswoldphotography6 Jan 2013One of the best images I have seen ... great work guys!
JEBPhotography10 Jan 2013Oh. I really, really like this!
Madisonbass20 Jan 2013beautiful... great work, both
snapychapy23 Jan 2013spotty dog!
Davidharris20 May 2013Love this image, so nice
stevegosh17 Sep 201310/10
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