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Added 11 Sep 2012
CLIC_Photography11 Sep 2012what a beautiful image, great work x
andybramahphotograph6 Oct 2012This is a lovely feminine image.
Calandra_Images6 Oct 2012Fabulous work!
raven606 Oct 2012This is lovely great work Tillie. x
ATLewis8 Oct 2012hot, love this!
Pixel_Sensation9 Oct 2012Stunning
daveschoie9 Oct 2012great work.
manny_bash12 Oct 2012Lovely and demure simply exquisite!
Tintin0073 Nov 2012lovely work, great pose, lighting and set.well done both of you.
strawbs7489 Nov 2012Beautiful shot. Love the hair styling. Superb
smithmyster12 June 2013Beautiful image
jonnar4216 July 2013A favourite of mine, elegant & sensual
2RRF4 Dec 2013Wow, what a stunning shot. Love the high key and the pose etc.
pixelliott21 June 2015What a lovely image.Facial expression so elegant. Great work.
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